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I got a call from my pharmacy last week telling me that my thyroid medication, Nature-Throid (and also WP Thyorid), is being recalled and that I should stop taking it. This was such a bummer because I've been consistently taking Nature-Throid for a few years now and have been happy with it. It's a good price compared to Armour Thyroid and I feel better on it. When I was taking Armour Thyroid a few years back, I just didn't feel right for some reason. And the price of that was climbing monthly, it seemed.

Anyway, my thyroid levels were just about regulated on Nature-Throid when I got the call from my pharmacy. They told me to throw away my brand new three month supply of pills that I just paid $60 for. They also told me that they would give me a month of Armour Thyroid to replace it. They also called my doctor to let them know what was up and I think my doctor replied by writing me the new prescription for the Armour. That's why the pharmacy gave me those pills. The thing is, they only gave me a one month supply and I'm wondering where my $60 cash is for the previous recalled medication. Who will pay me back for that? Will RLC Labs? I hope so. I'm hoping that RLC Labs will reimburse my pharmacy for the medication and then they'll give me back my money.

I read about the recall on the FDA website. They say that after an FDA inspector found that certain medication of certain lots contained as low as 87% medication, the company in question initiated a voluntary recall. I don't think the FDA made them do the recall. And really, if the medication contains only 87% of the medication it's supposed to have, in a worst case scenario, who cares? In my opinion, that's not terrible. Some lots may be completely unaffected and some lots may have more medication than the 87%. To do an entire recall of all medication because of this is a waste, if you ask me.

My primary concern is that switching quickly to Armour Thyroid and then switching back to Nature-Throid is going to mess with my system just when I was getting it back into a nice rhythm. I've experienced hair loss because of my thyroid issues and switching medications has exacerbated that. I really don't feel like losing any more hair just because I'm being forced to switch medications now.

I'm wondering if I should switch to the Armour and then switch back to Nature-Throid when this issue is resolved or if I should simply stick with the Nature-Throid all the way through. My pharmacist is saying that this pill issue can last about a year, so if that's the case, I'll just switch to the Armour now. But if it gets resolved within a month or two, I have enough medication to get me though. I'm wondering what you would do in a situation like this. Would you switch or would you stay with the Nature-Throid?


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I seem to remember something strange happening in 2018. I couldn't get any WP Thyroid due to a flood at a production facility or something like that. Ihad to switch to Armour Thyorid for a while. I switched to Nature-Throid after that. Nature-Throid is good, but there are some concerns about it out there on the internet. Check out this article from a while ago. There are tons of comments, even ones that have been written recently.

Apparently, from what I read in the article, taking Nature-Throid can result in low T3 and T4 numbers while keeping TSH high, which is exactly what I have been experiencing while on Nature-Throid. I have been baffled as to why that was happening, but now realize it may have been the actual medicine all along. Weird. I'll have to keep my eyes open here. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad thing to switch over to Armour.


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Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad thing to switch over to Armour.
I read through some of the comments in that post and it was very eye opening. They say that people may feel better for a while on Naturethroid because the adrenal glands are taking over for the lack of T3 and T4, until they go completely backwards. Not a good thing. I'll keep reading. This is what the article says about this:

There are a very few who report feeling fine…but, we notice that the longer someone is on the new Naturethroid, the more the hypo symptoms creep up. i.e. it can be the adrenaline being released that fools people into feeling better…until they crash.