Google Search Console Coverage Not Updating


Well, here we go again. It appears that the Coverage section of the Google Search Console hasn't been updating. As of right now, it's been delayed for eleven days. I've seen this happen in the past and, yeah, I find it a little annoying. I'm not going to complain too much because the entire Search Console really is a gift and I don't want to act like I'm spoiled or anything, but still, I like to check it every day to see how my sites are doing. I've been checking every day since August 31 and it hasn't changed at all. Why does it seem like every time I make a big site change this happens? Weird.

I've checked around a bit and some people are seeing their Console section stuck at August 31 (me) while others are seeing their delayed since September 1. Obviously this is a big difference from the normal two to three and sometimes four day span between updates. I've seen this happen quite a few times in the past, but obviously things end up getting back to the usual way the reports are delayed. One never knows if all the data has been captured and stored though. I hope so, as I am interested in how my sites are doing.

I'll attach a screenshot of the Coverage section to this post. Notice the date of August 31.


There are even a few people discussing this on Twitter. Here's a post from Arnout Hellemans.

And here's a reply from @JohnMu:

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It's now September 12. Yesterday, John Mueller from Google said that "all signs point to tomorrow" for the Coverage section to be updated in Google Search Console. I just checked and it's still not updated. I really hope it's today because I've got a lot to dig into. We'll see what happens. I'll update this thread if something changes.
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