Popular Debate Topics (Motions)


Aug 3, 2020
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I've got tons of really great debate topics for you in this post. Please read below to check them out. I scoured the internet to find these and may have thrown a few in that I came up with myself. It doesn't really matter where I got them because some of these are as old as man himself. Remember, pretty much anything can be debated, so if you have any good ideas for a debate topic, please list it (or them) down below.

Also, I left these motions as questions, but as you can see, they can easily be converted into statements. For example:

Question: Should animal experimentation be allowed?
Statement: Animal experimentation is justified.

Here goes...

Great Debate Motions

- Is it ever okay to experiment on animals?

- Should pot be legal? How about for only medical purposes?

- Should Bitcoin be used as legal tender?

- Is it ever okay to torture someone? How about if limited to national security concerns?

- Is it okay to restrict mobile phones until a child reaches a certain age?

- Does technology have a detrimental effect on people? Does it make them more lonely?

- Should all guns be banned in the United States? How about banning them only for citizens?

- Should companies on the internet be responsible for the illegal or stolen content shared on their websites and platforms?

- Should public posting of students' grades ever be allowed? Does it propel the students to do better in school?

- Should the military, government, or technology companies use animals for experimental testing?

- Do certain video games make people misbehave? Do the violent ones make people more prone to violence?

- Should the death penalty be banned in the United States? How about globally?

- Should smoking be made illegal everywhere? How about only in public places?

- Should professional athletes be allowed to take performance enhancing drugs?

- Should zoos be closed and be made illegal?

- Should plastic consumer goods and packaging be made illegal?

- Is euthanasia ever okay when applied to humans?

- Is it right to send a child to boarding school?

- Should mobile phones be banned from school?

- Should global warming be taken more seriously?

- Should video games that contain violence be banned completely?

- Do school detentions have a positive effect on students?

- Should celebrities be looked up to as good role models?

- Do social media websites and apps benefit society?

- Are all female or all male schools better for students than mixed schools?

- Should the cloning of animals be made illegal? How about its ethical implications?

- is it the fault of humans that some animals have gone extinct?

That's all I've got for right now. If you're looking for even more great debate topics, check out this post. They've listed 180 of them! Some good, some not so good. But check them out anyway.


Aug 8, 2020
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Here's another really great debate related website. Well, it may not be debate related in the traditional sense, but it's got lots of issues that are discussed thoroughly. https://www.procon.org/
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