What's the Goal for Humanity?

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Aug 3, 2020
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Last night, I got to thinking about how nice it would be if we as humans stopped fighting with one another. I though that one way to do this would be to develop a common goal we could all work towards. Something larger and greater than any one of us. Even larger than our largest group to date. And no, I'm not talking about ridiculous little goals that fizzle out an about a half second. Silly goals like ending hunger. I've thought about this one quite a bit and I concluded that the moment you end hunger, about a half hour later, everyone is hungry again. Anyway, what I'm talking about here is a large goal for all of humanity. Something that matters.

After I thought about this, I figured that humanity probably already has a goal. Or should I say mission statement. I mean, this planet is filled with brilliant people, right? They must have gotten together at some point to think of our reason for being? What's our purpose? Where do we wish to go? In one thousand years, how do we see ourselves? Two thousand years? Are we still inhabiting our planet or have we engaged in interstellar travel? Have we colonized other planets or moons? Have we traveled in time? Is all of humanity's collective consciousness held in hyperspace, as it is in The Last Question by Isaac Asimov?

There's got to be some direction here on earth. I just can't imagine that we'll be doing the same old thing hundreds of years from now as we are today. Arguing about politics? Really? Is that it? Half of us stupid and the other half smart? Arguing about school taxes? It can't stay this way. It simply can't. Not for all of eternity.

I'll first propose my own mission statement for humanity and then I'll list some ideas that I found across the internet. While mine may seem far fetched, I think it's grand and exciting. It certainly is better than some that I've found. Oh you'll see.

My mission statement for humanity: To become God. To research and build artificial intelligence to such a degree that the essence and collective consciousness of humanity is able to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.To understand every aspect of space and time and to harness all of that power not for good or evil, but for understanding.

There. That's it. Here are some other ideas I found. If you've got a good mission statement for humanity, please share below.

1. As humans, I believe our goal should be to sympathize and empathize with other humans who are in worse condition than we are. For some people, the ultimate goal of humanity is a simple and satisfying existence. For other people, it's to become as rich as possible. Other are simply happy to be alive and living each day. These goals aren't collective though. It's my firm belief that we as a species should ease the suffering of those around us.

2. In my view, we as humans are just another form of life found here on earth. We don't differ tremendously from all others in that we seek to survive, master our environment, and conquer new ones. We adapt to changes and take advantage of them. We simply exist.

3. We're all working for the same thing. It's got to be the next frontier which is space. If we are to conquer our environment, let's not forget that space and the universe is also our environment. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to explore the stars and survive.

4. The only goal the human race has ever had has been simple survival.

5. Humanity has no goal. We're really only meant to reproduce. Perhaps the goal of the universe doesn't lie with us and we're merely a tool. Nature and evolution aren't concerned with our future goals.

6. In my opinion, the goal for humanity should be beauty. I'm not referring to beauty as in what looks good or what has a nice appearance, but more of a beauty that lies within. Beauty that you feel more than you see. Peace and harmony.

7. Our goal as humans should be to spread life across the universe.

8. Maximum pleasure for us here on earth.

9. Since humans are animals (very evolved animals), our most basic instinct as well goal is to reproduce and keep the species alive.

10. The only goal I can think of for all of humanity would be for it to have a perfectly leisurely life. To live doing only what you want to be doing and nothing else. And once we as individuals achieve this goal, we can do as wish as individuals as opposed to a collective.

If we can't agree on an ultimate goal for the human species as a whole, perhaps we can come up with some progress goals along the way. Things such as, we want to colonize the moon by 2040. and maybe after that, have the first person step on Mars by 2050. If we keep things incremental, I think we'll be closer to developing an eventual coherent mission statement.

What do you think of this? What's your take on it? Do you think we should reach for the stars or simply stay put right here on earth? I'd love to know.
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