Why Should You Switch to Guilded & Move Away from Discord!


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Nowadays everyone is probably on Discord or has used discord at least once. Well there's a great alternative to Discord! I'm here to tell you about Guilded and why you might want to ditch Discord for it!

Guilded is a more entertainment oriented app that has all the bells and perks of a discord partner such as a custom URL, custom server art/banner and higher audio bitrates, right out of the box without the need to be a Guilded Partner! it's FREE and always will be!

Read my review on guilded and see why thousands of folks are making the switch!


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Smokey - that's an awesome forum you've got going on over at Revillution. Sweet theme. I can see you've done tons of work to it. Nice job! I used to be into gaming and am dying to get back into it, but I'm waffling on whether or not I want to commit to Google Stadia. It appears to be the cheapest way in and there are a few games I'd like to try out. I'm just trying to find the time. Have you tried Stadia? Thoughts?