How to Install Wood Stove Chimney Around Roof Overhang

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Aug 1, 2020
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I received a comment on my blog today that pertained to someone who was interested in installing a wood stove chimney around their 18" roof overhang. I know how much of a pain in the butt this can be, so I thought I'd write a post here to get some feedback and ideas about this.

Basically, there are a few ways you can do this, some more challenging and some more expensive than others. Personally, I went with the easiest and cheapest route when I installed my chimney. If you want to read my post and see some nice photos of my finished job, you can do so here. If you'll notice in the photos, I decided to go with a longer horizontal pipe and 2x4 spacer to extend the entire chimney out past the overhang. Many people don't want to do this because of the snow that may slide down their roofs into the chimney. I clean my roof with a roof rake every time it snows, so I'm not too concerned about that. I could always install a snow wedge to push the snow aside if I became overly concerned.

Another method I've seen is to cut a hole right through the overhang and slide the chimney pipe through it, up into the air. I am not fond of this method because it's a challenge to do and...well, it's a pain in the ass, truth be told. I thought about it and wasn't inclined to cut a hole that large in my roof. Plus, I don't think I had enough room for a hole the size I needed. It needs to be pretty big.

Just this past weekend I helped out a friend who needed a wood stove chimney installed. To get around his overhang, we decided to utilize two 45° angle pipes to maneuver the pipe where it needed to be. I'll include photos so you can see what we did and how it turned out. This is a really great idea as it keeps the lower pipe close to the wall and personally, I think it looks great. The only problem is, I think those angle pipes cost around $150 each, so that's something to think about.

What are your ideas for something like this? How did you install your chimney so it travels past (around) your roof's overhang? I'd love to know. Thanks!


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