Peninsula Park + Belgrade Lakes, Maine


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One of the nicest places we've ever visited in Maine has been the Belgrade Lakes region. If I'm accurate, I think there's actually a town called Belgrade Lakes. There's also one a bit more south that's called Belgrade and one north that's called Rome. It's the Lakes area that's the nicest. It actually reminds me a lot of Westchester County in New York. There's a little bit of money there and that's nice to see.

Laura and I visited this area yesterday after our hike up Mount Phillip in Rome. We stopped by Day's Country Store for some somewhat expensive coffee and then we strolled around in the tiny little Peninsula Park that's right off Augusta Road, otherwise known at Rt. 27. This park is quite nice. Yes, it's small, but it offers a lot. Every time we visit this area, we walk into this park to take a few photos. I actually wrote a post on my blog about it a while ago. We visited this park after spending the day in Camden. That was a great trip.

Anyway, I have some more photos for you. Please let me know if you've ever spent any time in Belgrade Lakes or if you have any comments or questions about it. It really is a fun place to be.


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