Visiting Damariscotta, Maine


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We visited Damariscotta the same day we visited Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The two towns are somewhat close together so I thought it would be a waste to visit one and not the other. As a matter of fact, we actually drove through Wiscasset as well, but we'll have to stop by that town another day so we can take some photos. As it was, we just drove through. Very nice though. That's for sure. And there were lots of people waiting on line for their lobster from Red's Eats and Sprague's Lobster. I guess lobster is sort of popular up here in Maine.

Damariscotta wasn't nearly as hopping as Boothbay was, but it was still nice to walk around. It's a great looking little drive through town on the Damariscotta River. I heard there was a Reny's there, so that was my main reason for visiting, but other attractions were nice as well. There were a few gift stores, an eatery, a theater, and the classic art galleries. You can't miss those galleries. They're everywhere.

I want to make a quick comment about the Reny's in Damariscotta. There are two of them. I don't quite know the difference between the two, but one is called simply "Reny's" while the other is called "Reny's Underground." Granted, the underground version has a basement, but I couldn't really tell the difference between the two. Perhaps the owners of the store wanted more room, but there wasn't a building large enough to contain all of the items they'd like to sell. Who knows.

I took some photos of this town. They're pretty lousy and not really of anything important, but at least they'll be here when I want to look back. Enjoy!


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