Changing Headlight on my Bimmer


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Is it Beemer, Bimmer, or Beamer? I have no idea. Here's an article for the answer:

Anyway, I was out getting coffee with my lady last night when I noticed that my driver's side headlight was out in my 2009 BMW 328I X-drive. It's a pretty easy change, but I had to be careful because my inspection had been expired for a few months. I got home as fast as I could. I also took back roads.

Here's the deal with changing headlight bulbs in the 3-series. Don't think you're going to do it without taking the tire off. Just because you can see the small plastic panel in the wheel well doesn't mean you're going to fit your big clumsy hands in that little space to do work. You're not. Just take the wheel off. And by the way, as easy as this job is, it's still a pain in the ass the first time you do it.

Here are a few pics. The first of of a few replacement headlamps I had on hand. Luckily I had one that fits. I'll need to order more. They're really cheap over at The part number for the bulb I used is BP1255H7LL.

- I took the tire off and used a screwdriver to twist the corners of the plastic panel.

- I saw the backs of the bulbs.

- To remove the bulb, I first pulled the wires off. That's very important. You can't get the bulb out or the clip off without doing that first. Once I pulled the plug off, then I flipped the clip and the bulb came right out. I replaced it and put everything back. Good as new.


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I just ordered five more of these bulbs from Rock Auto. I got each bulb for $1.74. The total came to $8.70 for the bulbs and $7.99 for shipping through the U.S. Mail. Tax was $.48, so that gave me a grand total of $17.17. I checked prices for this bulb on Amazon and it was $10, so I'd say I got a deal. It's $8.99 on Summit Racing and $10.99 at True Value.

Actually, I just realized that I ordered the standard OEM replacement bulb. The "LL" for long life comes in a $3.84 at Rock Auto, so it's still a deal over there.


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I received my five bulbs in the mail the other day. I ordered Wagners that had a note attached to the description on the web page. It said something like the bulbs will come in "branded" packaging. I didn't know what that meant. I do now. I received five small boxes of Champion bulbs, which leads me to believe that many of these bulbs are the same, no matter the branding. Runny, huh? And to think, people make such a fuss about which brands they buy.


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