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Aug 1, 2020
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I recently read on the Kingfield Community Forum on Facebook that the New Portland Library here in Maine was going to be having a book sale this past weekend and the weekend coming up. They said that the cost for an "armful" of books will be $1. So basically, any amount of books someone can carry in their arms was only going to cost a buck. Come to learn later on, an armful also includes a bagful or a box full. I love these kinds of book sales because one never knows what one can find. Just last year, I picked up the best hardcover cookbook for only a few dollars while shopping around the Carrabassett Public Library's used book sale at Sugarloaf Mountain. That was a steal. I know this because I priced the book on Amazon after I got home and it was going for something like $45. And it was in great shape, so that was all the better.

A few years back, my younger sister was kind enough to send my lady and I a box of books she picked up for free someplace. In the box were a few really great titles, so we read what we could. When we were finished with them, we sold each book on Ebay and made a couple of bucks. Not bad for a bunch of free books. So since that worked out so well, we've been waiting for used book sales from around our area to gather more of these things. Yesterday we visited out first one.

We arrived at the library yesterday, saw an outside table with loads of hardcover books that had "By #1 New York Times Bestselling Author..." written on the tops of them and bought about a quarter of what was available. Then, we went inside and did the same thing for those that were being sold there. All in all, we walked away with a full trunk and a loaded back seat. We've got to have brought home over 100 books. There are so many of them. My strategy was to grab the most popular ones by the best authors, but we really got all kinds. Lots of Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz, and Danielle Steel novels. We'll have to read these and then sell them. I can't wait to dive in. And the best part is, we only spent $6. Five dollars for the books and another dollar for a few DVDs we liked.

This coming weekend on Halloween the Farmington Public Library is holding their book sale in the parking lot of their facility. We're going to be heading down there to do the same thing. Basically build our inventory. We are telling one another that we're going to limit what we buy to titles we'd actually read, but if I can haggle with the librarian to buy a box or two full at only a few dollars, I know we'll be taking home a lot more than that. From what I can gather, these libraries take in donations from people and collections from those who passed away. Their families bring the books in and the library can't do anything with them. They're overloaded. Ultimately, the books end up going in dumpsters, so it's better to grab them while we can. They really do need to get rid of them and we're doing them a favor by taking them.

Here are a few photos from yesterday's haul.


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