Has Bill de Blasio Ruined NYC?

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Aug 5, 2020
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I just read the craziest news story on the Daily Mail website. Check it out.


Apparently, Governor Andrew Cuomo is pleading with New York City's wealthy residents to come back home to New York. I'm thinking it's their money he's missing the most. After years of trampling and abusing these people, many of them have finally left. From what I'm reading out there in internet land, they can't take the abuse anymore. They're saying it's primarily the far left that's pushing them out, but I don't completely buy that. This exodus has been happening for a very long time - decades in fact. I remember reading about New York's residents jumping ship at least 20 years ago. It's probably been longer, but that's as far back as my memory goes. Get this, the Governor has even offered to buy these people drinks if they return. Pathetic.

So what are the facts? Here they are:

1. Governor Cuomo claims that he is in communication with many of the state's residents who have the most money and he's actively trying to lure them back home. And when I say state's, I mostly mean city's.

2. AOC keeping Amazon from opening up operations in the city has lost the state up to $30 billion in tax revenues. That hurts.

3. Beginning at the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of the city's more mobile and well off residents took off for their second homes far upstate or out on Long Island. Anyplace to get away from the raging virus.

4. By the time May of 2020 rolled around, something like 420 thousand had gone. And many of them have yet to return. I'm wondering if they have been getting used to the quiet and much less expensive life. Really, there is only so far you can push people.

5. Did you know that New York City has its own income tax that's above and beyond the state and federal tax? I wonder how long residents have been simmering about that.

6. On top of the expense and the virus, looters and rioters decided to show up in the city to burn, steal, and break things. This occurred in June and there was apparently very little pushback from law enforcement or the Mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio.

7. And now, since there's a super huge budget shortfall of approximately $30 billion over the next two years, some say that New York is planning on imposing additional taxes on the super wealthy to cover the gap. I think we all know what the repercussions of that will be. Even more of the wealthy will get up and leave for states that are more fiscally friendly.

8. As of this moment, Governor Cuomo is telling people that he's not interested in raising taxes in the wealthy. He seems to know what will happen if that occurs. What I just wrote above. They'll leave. Basically, those who took off really won't come back.

9. Cuomo claims that the lousy federal response to the virus is holding New York State back financially.

10. Because of the lack of police presence in the city, crime has risen a whopping 286%. And that's just for robberies in the Upper East Side. Shootings have also gone up and arrests have been cut in half. I suppose it doesn't help that states are letting people out of prisons either. I wonder if that's where a lot of the crime is coming from.

11. Because of the Black Lives Matter demands, it's said that the NYPD has lost $1 billion from its budget. They've had to shut down some special crime units, so now there's even less of a police presence on the ground.

If anyone has ever experienced a downward spiral, this must look familiar. It's rather difficult to get yourself out of one once it begins. This mess is going to require huge leadership in the future. I wonder if anyone is up for the job.

Check these stories out:


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