Duravent Chimney Cap Screen Keeps Getting Clogged


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Is it me or does your chimney cap screen get clogged with creosote a lot. I have been having this problem since I began using this brand of chimney cap. I used to burn wood exclusively in my fireplace, but since I got a wood stove, I've only had problems. It seems that I have to climb my ladder once per month to clean the screen out. The screen consists of what looks like rabbit fencing. The holes are only about half inch by half inch square. Why in the world is the cap spark arrestor screen getting so clogged all the time? I bought a bbq brush exclusively to use on this. I bang on it and then brush it. It works well, but the entire situation is annoying.


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Let me ask you two questions. Do you burn fires in your wood stove in the spring and fall when it's not too cold out? If so, you're probably burning your fires too cool. When you burn cool and let the fires go out a lot, you create lots of smoke and that smoke is what's creating the creosote that's clogging the spark arrestor screen. Also, when you open the door to your wood stove, does smoke come out? If so, that's a good indication that the screen is clogged up and that you need to head up on that ladder to clean it. The clog is stopping the draft from going up the chimney.

Also, I've seen spark arrestors that were all different sizes. A half inch seems pretty small for the holes. You may want to open some of them up or look for another chimney cap.


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Yes, I do burn cool fires in the fall and in the spring. And yes, it does get smokey. And the wood I'm burning probably isn't seasoned enough because I can hear is hiss when I put it in the stove. All those things contribute to a cool fire that smolders.

I already went up on the ladder to clip a few of the sections of screening away. Now some of the holes are about an inch by an inch. It's an improvement, but I'd still like to get another cap. I've thought about just tearing the screen right out of it, but I won't because I know what it's good for. It reduces the amount of embers that come out of the chimney pipe that might cause a fire. I don't want that, so I'll keep things they way they are. For now. I do have my eye on a nice new cap though. It's called the Forever Cap. Check it out:


It's got nice big holes in it and it's stainless steel. I don't think this one will clog up too easily. And I must say, the Duravent or Duraplus cap is cheaply made. It's such junk. It's thin metal and it bends very easily. Thanks for your help.