Mysterious Lines on Large Stone in Stream Bed


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I have a question for the world. I'd really like to know what is going on. I was outside yesterday digging in a stream bed back in my woods when I turned over a semi-large stone to find some odd lines on it. The rock was at the surface, but it was covered with moss. The lines were facing down. If I had to guess, I'd say the stone weighs around 60-80 pounds, although I really have no idea. It measures about 16 inches across and about 12 inches deep. I really don't think these lines are made by nature, so I don't think this is some sort of fossil, but I can't imagine why anyone would carve a rock like this. Could it be a large fossil? Of could someone from long ago have somehow carved this rock? Take a look at the lines. They're very straight and the angles are precise. This can't be made by nature.

If you have any idea of what this is or how it got to be this way, please let me know. To enlarge the photos, you'll likely need to sign in and then click the thumbnails.


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