Building Bridge Over Stream & Cutting Firewood



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Aug 1, 2020
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I've been having the best time out in the woods lately. There's a warm spell coming through Maine and the past few days of November have been unseasonably warm. It's actually been great for walking around in nature. In regards to working outdoors though, I'd say it's too hot. I do well in the 40s and 50s, but anything warmer than that makes me sweat too much. But I'll take these warm days anytime. Especially for my long strolls through the forest.


To take advantage of the nice weather and the lack of bugs, I decided to go out and do some digging yesterday. On our property, we've got a small stream that cuts across one of our paths. The area can get muddy, so when we walk in the morning with our coffee, we have to jump from one section to another to get across. I've had a board leaning up against a tree for months with the intention of using the board as a bridge, so I decided to put it in place yesterday. But in order to do that, I had to do a lot of digging to get some of the water at a lower level. As it was, the water had to go over roots and rocks and those things were spreading the moisture out across an area of about ten feet. That's what caused the mud. To counter this, I used a rake, hoe, shovel, and pickaxe to chop through all the moss and roots and to dig up some of the rocks that were blocking the water. When I was finished, I had a nice flowing stream that didn't get spread all over the place anymore. Over the next few days I expect the muddy area to dry up some. That'll be a welcome change. To see the bridge I set up, simply click on the images below. You may need to be logged in to do so.


After I was finished with the digging and setting up of the bridge, which is quite stable I might add, I decided to do some firewood cutting with my chainsaw. I quite enjoy getting out there to collect firewood, so I was in my glory. To get the wood though, I had to cut down some of the dead trees on my property. I had maple, ash, white pine, white birch, and black spruce to choose from. I took them all. Actually, the black spruce fell down across one of the trails during our last wind storm, so that may have prompted me to get out there for some cutting. It was annoying to have a tree in the way of our walks.

I cut the white birch, spruce, white pine, and maple yesterday and the ash today. When I woke up this morning, I had a bunch of disorganized piles, but by the end of the day today, I had everything organized and split. Yes, that's right. I split the firewood right in the woods. I'll let it dry out back there until next September, when I'll bring it all inside the open garage to stack up for the winter. Take a look at my piles down in the thumbnail section.


And because the split ash firewood is just so beautiful, I decided to take some lovely pictures of it up close.


Let me know what you think. I'd say I've got about a half cord of split firewood out there now. Not bad for a day's work. That's worth $100 in my area.

And finally, I snapped a photo of a hunter's tree stand that was left behind on our property when we bought it. It was placed up in a tree and the tie-down straps were digging into the tree as it grew. We took it down and it's just been hanging out ever since. Pretty cool. Maybe we'll use it for photography or something.



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