Indexed XenForo Member Pages - Ranking Drop


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I am running a XenForo forum website and I have recently experienced a ranking drop with Google. I think it's because I have been letting the member pages be crawled and indexed by Google. From what I've been reading, that's not a good thing since most of these pages are empty. I guess they'd be considered thin. Has anyone else experienced this? What should I do to get my website's rankings back?


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The best thing for you to do in a case like this is to log into your admin area and go to the Groups & Permissions > User Group Permissions area and then click on the Unregistered / Unconfirmed link. For the following options, choose No:

- View member lists
- View member profiles
- View attachments to posts

By doing so, you'll effectively be removing any pages that have become indexed by Google and the other search engines. When accessed after these settings are changed, the pages will return a 403 Forbidden error code. This is exactly what you want. This code will tell the search engines that these pages shouldn't be crawled or included in the index. They'll begin falling out immediately. Don't block these pages in your robots.txt file. That's a very bad move. The best thing to do is remove them fast, which is how I just described.


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There is also a bunch more that can be done to clean up XenForo in regards to its SEO. Please take a look at this post:

Just know that once these changes are implemented, it'll take, depending on your site size, months or even over a year to clean the site up.