70s Matchbox City Car Track Knockoff


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I have a quick question for anyone out there who was perhaps born and raised in the 1970s. Or maybe if you were a parent in the 70s and gave your child a car track for Christmas or a birthday. Back when I was a kid, my parents gave me a red fold up suitcase matchbox car track as a gift. I've been trying to remember what the name of it was for just about ever. I found a photo of it on Ebay a few years back and I swear I think it was called "Crisis City" or something like that. It was, as I said, a red fold up suitcase style track. When I unsnapped it, it would unfold and there was a little bridge at the center. And there were a few buildings at the corners. The track itself was sized perfectly for either Matchbox cars or Hot Wheels cars. That size. I'm guessing that the track was some sort of knockoff of the more popular name brand Matchbox City. I'll upload pictures so you can see what I'm referring to. This is the Matchbox version. What I had looked almost the same. If you have any information on this track, a photo, or its name, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it. This is just one of those things that pops in my head every so often to drive me nuts. Thanks!


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