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Aug 1, 2020
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If you haven't already, please read our post on how to become a forum moderator. Then, come on back here to read what we've got to say below.

Requirements to Become a Moderator

- Before you apply to become a moderator, please be sure you've been a registered member at IndyFor for at least 3 months and have written at least 100 posts.
- If you'd like to become a moderator for a specific forum, be sure you've been active in that forum during the time described above. You'll have needed to have created new threads and respond to ones created by others.
- Also, you'll need a working knowledge of the topic you're interested in. We should see your subject matter expertise in your posts.

Please be aware that we only fill moderator positions when moderators are needed. Also, be aware that even though you may meet the minimum requirements to become a moderator here at IndyFor, after evaluation, we may not choose to accept you.

Website administrators and current moderators will evaluate all applications and will make the decision whether or not to accept a moderator applicant. Website admins have the final say in this. We also reserve the right to refuse any moderator application with or without cause or reason.

Our Moderators Must Be:

- A regular here at the forums. We'd like to see a lot of you.
- A member for at least three months.
- A positive influence on other members as well as a helpful force members look to for answers.
- Proactive when dealing with issues and problems.
- Knowledgeable in the subject they wish to moderate.
- Polite, respectful, and helpful.
- A daily visitor and a frequent contributor.
- Able to get along with other moderators regarding the activities of the forum.
- Willing to screen posts and threads to keep the overall site as clean as possible.

Next: If interested, let us know.
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