The Most Common Spelling & Grammar Mistakes

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Aug 5, 2020
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I can't be the only one to fumble across tons and tons of horrible English spelling and grammar on the internet every day. I just can't believe that I'm alone in this. And to be completely honest, much of what I come across isn't found on the internet, but in emails and messages to me from personal friends. I would love to say family here as well, but my brother, sisters, and I grew up with a mother who can only be described as a Grammar Nazi.

Before I go any further, isn't it the worst when self-proclaimed Grammar Nazis make English grammar and spelling mistakes? They never even know their wrong. I'm one to talk. I'm actually wondering if it's "self-proclaimed" or self-prescribed." And yes, I know I misspelled "their" above. I did that on purpose for you're enjoyment (see? did it again). But really, my spelling is far from perfect, but at least I try to look things up when I don't know what I'm doing. It seems that most people are incessantly lazy when it comes to this. They look nothing up. They make zero effort to look their ages. Terrible. I swear.

I've got a friend who's 50 years old. He allegedly dropped out of high school about 35 years ago and is barely literate today. The strange thing is, he's on the internet all day and is fully capable of getting by in life. So what's the problem? What's stopping him from taking ten minutes per day to learn how to write a coherent sentence? I honestly have no idea. I don't know how someone can live all those years and put in little to no effort. I used to correct his grammar because he asked me to, but I stopped when I realized I was wasting my time. I now think he's a lazy idiot. I can't stand the intellectually lazy. There's nothing wrong with these people. They're just lazy. Lazy, lazy.

Here's a web page for you. It discussed some of the more prevalent spelling and grammar mistakes we see every day. The ones I see on a regular basis are commonly taught in 2nd grade. Really. Too vs two? Really? Here's my list. I'll give examples:

- You're to late.
- I don't want to go their.
- There a bunch of fools.
- Your so smart.
- Its not worth it.
- You aren't worth it's time.
- Nike is wonderful. They're the best. (should be It's the best)
- I need to get a hotel room for my wife and I. (this one drives me nuts)
- I'm going too the mall.
- I know a guy that does something like that.
- I like you allot.
- You are such a looser! (really?)
- I have less dollars than you do.

I'll leave it there. I know you've seen some of these too. For some reason, I hope you get just as annoyed as I do when you hear or read them.

So let me ask you something. Which spelling mistakes get under your skin the most? Which make you cringe when you hear or read them? I know there's got to be a few.


Aug 3, 2020
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For me. the most annoying ones are I instead of me and misspelling lose as loose. My friends say this all the time:

"It was just my friend and I in the house."

That one absolutely kills me. So annoying because people who say that think they are speaking "proper English." One of them actually said that to me once. I, for whatever reason, corrected them when they used I instead of me and they replied, "Uh, it's proper English." I wanted to pull my hair out. I shouldn't have corrected his English though. That was unfortunate and I got what I deserved. Now I have to live with the memory forever.

One Facebook and in Youtube comments, there's an epidemic of "That guy is such a looser." When I read that, I just sit and stare because my brain can't compute what to do with it. It's wrong on multiple dimensions.

Anyway, good list. I'll add some more if I can think of any.
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