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I'd like to use this thread to offer free stock photography, or any type of photography that you're willing to give away for free. I'll start things off below by adding a few of my own photos and I welcome you to contribute as well. It's my goal that this thread become a valuable resource for those looking for these types of images.

If you choose to post your images here for use, you agree to the following:

1. All photos you post in this thread you agree to give away for free.

2. No attribution is required for any photo you post here. You may (and are even encouraged to) ask for credit though. Common types of credit include a link to the photographer's website or a simple "Photo courtesy of...".

3. All photos can be modified in any way the user wishes. They can do anything they'd like with them.

4. All photos are given away under the CC0 License ([CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication).

If you're a photographer and would like to participate in this thread by posting your images for free, please don't hesitate to ask for credit. Some users will give that to you while others won't. It's fine either way. If you would like to ask for credit, be sure to list your website name and URL, so others know where to find more of your work. This is a great way to get links to your site while helping others simultaneously.

Finally, take a close look at how I list my photos below. Each one is in thumbnail fashion (the system will do that automatically) and is described by name in the post. Currently, users are able to right-click and download any image they wish at 800 pixels wide, but if you would like to offer more high resolution images at your own site, be sure to indicate that. You may also link to photo hosting services, such as Google Photos, Imgur, DropBox, TinyPic, Flickr, 500px, and others.

PS - In order to view the larger version of each image, you'll need to create and account and login. Once you do that, simply click on the image thumbnail.


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These are obviously cooking and food related stock photos. When posting yours, don't be shy about what you took the photo of. The wonderful thing about stock photography is that people like to download very random images. Things you'd never guess.

Here are descriptions of today's batch:

1. Adding bay leaf to broccoli soup.
2. Parsley on eggplant Parmesan sandwich.
3. Adding almonds and butter to green beans.
4. Salt and olive oil in boiling pot of water.
5. Romano and Parmesan cheese on mac and cheese dinner.
6. Chopped onion and red pepper in cast iron skillet.
7. Making mac and cheese recipe.
8. Stirring pureed cream of broccoli soup.
9. Raw eggs in a breakfast skillet.
10. Raw eggs in shredded potato nest.
11. Making homemade dough with butter and spices.
12. Active dry yeast rising.

You may use these images for anything you wish with no credit or attribution, but if you're feeling generous, you can link to as credit.


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  • 02-adding-basil-parsley-to-eggplant-parm-sandwich.jpg
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  • 03-adding-alonds-butter-green-beans.jpg
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  • 04-add-salt-olive-oil-boiling-water.jpg
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  • 05-add-romano-parmesan-cheese.jpg
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  • 06-add-onion-pepper-to-skillet.jpg
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  • 07-add-milk-pasta.jpg
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  • 09-add-eggs-to-skillet.jpg
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  • 011-add-butter-spices-dough.jpg
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  • 012-active-dry-yeast-rising.jpg
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