Winter Storm Damage & Downed Trees in Maine


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We had a whopper of a storm here in Maine this past weekend. It rained on Saturday and then the rain turned into snow. During that process, the rain stuck to the trees and froze and then all the snow stuck to the ice. It made the trees extremely heavy. The wind didn't help things. Eventually, the tree branches and trees themselves gave way and fell all over the place, power lines included. Much of our state lost electricity. We lost ours for three days. It just came back on last night. That's why I haven't been active on this website over the past few days. I've been outside trying to clean up a bit. We had dozens of trees fall down on our land and I needed to clean them all up. Many of the ones that fell were in the back woods. They blocked our path and because of that, we weren't able to walk around in the morning like we normally do. That's fine - I cut them all up for firewood during Sunday and Monday. Not a problem.

Inside the house, I made nice warm fires in our wood stove. What a treat. We had good heat and we cooked on the stove top. I made fried eggs and a huge pot of bean soup. I love cooking on the wood stove because it's essentially free. We don't use any electricity. Also, the soup gets to simmer for hours and that just makes it taste all that much better.

Here are some photos of the past few days. The first picture is of my wood pile. This is why you shouldn't store your firewood outside during the winter, if you need to burn it immediately. Luckily, all of this firewood will be used next season and I'll move it into the garage next October, after it's all seasoned. The rest of the photos are of me cutting a maple tree that fell in our front yard. There's a storm damage one in there too and one of me sort of smiling. That's just for fun. Enjoy the pics!


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