Woodland Management: Adding Hemlock Trees

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Aug 1, 2020
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I have an interesting question for you. Let me start with a bit of background first. I've got a large piece of wooded forest that's got all sorts of trees growing on it. White pine, white and black spruce, balsam fir, maple, white birch, yellow birch, black cherry, hophornbeam, beech, hemlock, and white cedar. There are most likely a few more species, but this is all I can think of right now. As it stands, much of the forest has white pine growing predominantly in it. It appears that the white pine has outgrown all other species of tree through the years and in doing so, it's shaded out many trees. I can see the spruces, cherries, and white birches being affected the most. Apparently white pine grows quickly and when it gets taller than the surrounding trees, those trees cease getting the sun they need to survive and they die.

I'm not in love with the white pine. I do like all the other species, but the white pine is just too large. I wouldn't mind taking some of that species out of the woods and replacing it with eastern hemlock. The hemlock tree is my all time favorite tree and I would love to include it in my forest so it becomes the predominant species. My question is, how do I go about doing this without calling loggers in to remove the white pines? I don't love logging companies and there's no faster way to make a once beautiful piece of property hideous looking than to call one of them in to do some logging. Boy do they ruin the woods. They'll tell you all sorts of things about how they benefit the woodlands, but after living in my area for a number of years now, they don't benefit the woodlands. They just like to believe that. Anyway...

I am aware of the hemlock woolly adelgid that's affecting hemlock trees all over the place. This gives me concern because if I ever managed to get a nice hemlock forest growing, I'd be crushed if all the trees dies because of an invasive insect. Part of me says that I should simply let what's growing best naturally grow.

If you've got experiencing with woodland management, please let me know. Has anyone every changed the type of tree that predominantly grows on their land? How did they go about it? I should have been a forestry major in college. Thanks!
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