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Aug 1, 2020
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The profile post function is actually a very cool feature of upper level forum software. Members tend to fall in love with it once they learn how it works. They come to appreciate the function's power. Let me explain.

In some forums, there are power players who have built up huge reputations. So much so, in fact, that they've got a whole bunch of followers who are interested in them more than they are in the forum as a whole. For instance, let's say that Bono from U2 joined a popular forum and began writing about his own life as opposed to contributing to the community as a whole. He would use the profile post area in his account to do this. On our website, to access your own profile posts, simply click your username up at the top of the site and then click your blue username link once the small dropdown opens. This might look different on mobile; I don't know. I can't test it right now. Anyway, profile posts are like Facebook posts. They're sort of like your very own timeline. So if Bono was writing posts about his life, other members could follow him to keep up with what he writes. They could even respond to what he shares and react to his posts as well. It's like a mini forum inside a larger one. The reason this is so helpful is that much of what folks share under their accounts isn't really for general consumption. There are oftentimes no forum areas to post a rolling commentary to. I've actually seen some really great postings that were limited to the profile post areas of long time forum members.

I know this may take some getting use to. Play around with your own profile posts and just ask if you have any questions. Again, think of these things as something similar to a Facebook timeline. They're pretty much the same thing.
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