High Quality Measuring Cups & Spoons?


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I'm looking for good quality measuring cups and spoons to give to my sister as a Christmas gift. I found a blog post that talked about various kitchen tools. It was a great post and I saw some very nice (and heavy duty) cups and spoons, but the author of the post didn't mention where he bought these things. The brand was Bellemain for the measuring cups and Cuisipro for the measuring spoons. Anyone know where to purchase these things? Thank you.


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From what I've found, kitchen tools are much higher in quality today than they used to be. I can remember some utensils and tools my mom used to have from the 80s and they were practically junk. They were thin and made from cheap metal. I recently bought some stuff from Amazon and it was so much better in comparison. If you're looking for Bellemain and Cuisipro, you're looking in the right direction. Those are very good companies. Good stuff. Heavy duty, like you said. Here are some links to the measuring cups and spoons on Amazon.

Measuring Cups – https://amzn.to/3gv9U9G
Measuring Spoons – https://amzn.to/2Iwevfn

Every brand you look at on every website is going to say they're the best. Some are and some aren't. I've owned many tools that have failed me. They initially claimed to be "restaurant quality" or something of the like. Yeah right. Read the reviews very carefully and look at the photos of what other customers have purchased. And watch out for fake reviews too. Many Chinese products are loaded with fake reviews. Also, do exactly what you're doing: ask friends and people on forums for their unbiased reviews. You can learn a lot that way. You're going for thickness of the metal and durability overall. Especially when it comes to colanders, measuring cups, spoons, and other utensils.