What Size & How to Make a Favicon?


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I was looking at my website account in GSC (Google Search Console) this morning and noticed that Googlebot was trying to crawl a file called favicon.ico a lot. Like, every single day. For some reason, it really wants to find that file. I don't think it's even referenced anywhere on my site, but it still wants it. The fact that Google is crawling that nonexistent file is driving up my 404 numbers. I don't like that.

Because of this, I thought I'd make the file and then upload it to my site. My questions are, what size should I make the file and how do I make it. I have Photoshop, but there's no output for .ico files.


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From what I've seen, you don't even need to reference the favicon file on your server in your code. Google and Google Chrome will pick up up automatically. If you upload the file to your root directory, give your site a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) and you'll see it appear in your tab. If you do want to reference the file for other browsers or crawlers, you can use this code:

<link href=http://www.example.com/favicon.ico rel="shortcut icon" />

I think this code goes in the head of your document.

I've seen people use PNG files that weren't exactly square, but I'm not sure they work. I think PNG is only supported by some browsers and mobile devices, so I always use the ICO format. Also, from what I hear, the favicon needs to be exactly square because again, odd shaped files aren't universally supported. I don't even know if anything is universally supported, but square icons are a lot more supported than rectangle or rounded ones.

The favicon on your website is supposed to be any one of the following sizes:


Any one of them is fine. I always use the 48x48 because it's the largest, therefor the safest for times when it may appear larger. They need to be in the ICO format and remember, any file that's non-square may not be supported. Some people say they WILL NOT be supported.

I've used two websites to generate my favicon.ico files. They are:


To make the file, I first go into Adobe Photoshop or a comparable program and create the graphic. I'll make it square and larger than the 48x48 pixels it'll end up. Then, I save that file as a PGN file and then finally, I'll upload that file to one of the favicon generators I just linked to. The file will be generated and I'll upload that to my website in the root directory.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions.