How To Close Window with Shortcut in Windows 10?


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I work with many windows open at various times of the day. I am looking to close the windows with shortcuts as opposed to using my mouse. Does anyone know how to close windows in Windows 10 with a shortcut? What is the shortcut?


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There are many ways to close windows and browsers in Windows 10. I'll list a few here. Some use the mouse and others are keyboard shortcuts.

First, if you want to close a tab in Google Chrome with your mouse, can you right-click on the tab and click Close. The keyboard shortcut for the same thing is Ctrl+W. and obviously, if you click to make that tab active, you can simply click the X in the tab itself.

In the Firefox browser, you can click the X in the tab itself or right-click on the tab with your mouse and choose Close Tab.

Down in the taskbar, you'll see your active applications. If you roll over one of them with your mouse, you'll see a small preview pop up. Keep rolling over the preview and you'll see an X in the upper right corner. Click that X to close the window. You can also roll over either the icon in the taskbar or the preview window, right-click and choose Close Window. Doing this will close the entire window. I think there is a function where you can close just the active tab, but I'm not sure what that is. If anyone knows, please add that down below.

To close a window such as a folder or other system application with a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10, you can use Alt+F4. That's the fastest way to do it. So if there's someone coming and you don't want them to see what you're looking at, quickly press Alt+F4 and the window will close real fast.

To use your mouse to close a Windows window, either click the X in the upper right corner or click the little folder icon in the upper right corner and then choose Close.

If anyone else has any helpful Windows 10 shortcuts, please let me know.