Christmas Day Dinner Menu


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About a week ago, I began planning our Christmas day dinner menu. Much of what I prepare is going to come straight from my Thanksgiving Dinner menu, but there will also be some changes. Basically, here's what we'll be having:

- Mary Berry's Salmon
- Sweet Tsimmes - This is an incredibly delicious dish that I've prepared a few time. I'm replacing the vegetarian stuffing with this one.
- Creamed Spinach - I'm out of kale, so I'm going to be making creamed spinach instead. This is actually a really good dish, so be sure to check back for the recipe.
- Mashed Turnip
- German Style Red Cabbage
- Cranberry Chutney
- Butternut Squash Soup
- Mashed Sweet Potatoes

If you want, you can check out the majority of these recipes here. As for these other two that I haven't made yet this year, you can click through the links below. After I prepare these two dishes, I'll be snapping a few photos and I'll share my versions of the recipes below, just like I did in the other thread. It should be good. And as for dessert, we are still working on that. We've got some great ideas swirling around. Until then!


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I'd like to report that our Christmas dinner was excellent! Everything turned out wonderfully and the menu was just what we were looking for. Talk about hitting the spot! We both were stuffed. I'll be sharing the recipes for the tsimmes and the creamed spinach below. I followed the tsimmes recipe well, but went rogue with the spinach. You'll see.

Coconut Creamed Spinach Recipe
Sweet Tsimmes Recipe