For Those Who Complain About 2020


Aug 2, 2020
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Do you know what's been burrowing under my skin lately? It's the incessant complaining about how awful the year of 2020 was. Friends of mine as well as strangers near and far have claimed that it's been terrible. Miserable. The worst. What's even more grating is how these people have done nothing more than parrot one another in chirping, "Hey, that's 2020 for you." And, "Well, that's what I'd expect in 2020." It's almost as if these folks have somehow unearthed similar ideas on the internet and since they find thinking for themselves a challenge, they copy one another. It's quite irritating actually. Having to experience a clan of children-like adults mimic tiresome quotes from the hive of Facebook and the like. The certain spoon feeding of this type of nonsense has come far too easily.

Why does this bother me? Well, for one, because it's a lie. The year of 2020 wasn't bad. What the folks who complain about it are doing is spouting a multi-faceted fallacy that's triggered by nothing more than their spoiled rotten attitudes. What's worse is that, like a virus, they've been spreading their perceived misery among anyone who will listen. If that's not enough to piss you off, I don't know what is.

Have you looked at overall deaths across the United States lately? They're down from 2018 and 2019. Yes, it's true. Did you know that? I didn't until I looked for it. They like to hide things like this from us. If you think about it, things are pretty good for the vast majority of us. Let's play God for a moment and look down upon our children on earth. What do they have? Good health. A place to live. Air conditioning. A car with air conditioning. A workplace with air conditioning. Cable TV. The internet. The same internet that can connect them to the world's library of literature and thought. And what's more, they can find this same library in their pockets on their countless makes and models of smart phones. Free college classes all around this great world can be found online as well. Fresh air. Friends. Orgasms. Cigars. Wine. Aisles and aisles of superb tasting wine in nearly every grocery store across this land. And today, people will even bring that wine to our children as they sit in their idling cars in the many parking lots that have been designated specifically for this purpose. They needn't even look their servants in the eye. They needn't even lift their rumps from the seats upon which they sit. Their wine will magically appear in their trunks or back seats. No tip necessary. And even with all this, what do we hear our children say? "I knew a guy who knew a guy who got sick and I haven't been able to go to as many parties as I would have liked. This has been the worst year ever." Can you imagine? Yes, we can imagine. It's true. We have children who can now identify with those who have suffered the most on earth. With those slaves who never even made it to their destined shores. With those who died on the ships. With those who were drafted into wars they never chose to fight. With the ones who died in mud ditches during the coldest winter months. With those who have been forced to live in extreme poverty and sickness for the great majority, if not all, of their miserable lives. It seems to me that we have some spoiled rotten ingrate children. Yes, 2020 was the worst year ever. It must have been. It's been proclaimed on the internet. Our poor, poor children. What they must have gone through. Their despair will go down in the history books.

Now, I'm not saying that there haven't been tough times over the past year. Friends of mine have lost children and parents. Have lost their jobs and houses. Have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses. It's been tough to watch as my own parents have been locked down in a mentally abusive isolation that I can guarantee has taken its toll. Haven't been allowed outside to enjoy the sun and companionship of others. Yes, many things have been heartbreaking to watch. The absurd volume of small and medium sized business utterly destroyed, never to return. It kills me to think of these things.

The truth is though, no matter how much bad we've seen in the recent past, for the great majority of us, 2020 has been a great year. Our nation is among the most wealthy in the world. Our retirement accounts have grown leaps and bounds. Food security is among the highest it's ever been. Yes, even now. And as for me personally, I have an incredible partner whom I love with all my heart. If tragedy struck and for some reason we lost our house, I'd be happy living with her in a car.

Although, I will tell you that I do mourn with those who mourn. It's never a good thing when a person dies. Loses their house. Loses their job. If something like this has happened to you, I am truly sorry. But even when terrible things happen, we need to keep sight of what we still have. The truth. Friends with which we can talk. Eyes with which we can read. Minds with which we can think. Can you imagine the cherished memories of your vision you'd hold so dearly if you ever lost your ability to see? There are those who have no eyes to give them the gift of their partner's beautiful face. Friends who would comfort them in times of need. Minds that would absorb all the wonder and worth of everything around them.

A friend of mine made one of the most provocative statements recently. He said, "There's no greater contributor to unhappiness than ungratefulness." It's difficult, but it's worth it to find value in even the smallest things. Personally, I'm grateful that you're even reading this. I'm thankful for every day I'm healthy and able to enjoy this life I've been given. There will come a day that will be my last and I can tell you with all certainty what I would desire most in this world on that day. It would be a day just like today. I would give everything I own to experience this very moment just one more time. As I sit here and type away at my computer. I can tell you this because it's the truth.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best year ever in 2021. Let's be thankful for the year that's just passed and for what we all have as individuals and as a shared society. For all the arguing we do and for all we gain and lose as a people, it's important to remember that today we have more than anyone who has walked this earth has ever had. Let's count our blessings.

Happy new year.
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