Cameron Niemela's CR250


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This guy is awesome. He has pretty much touched on every single thing I could have thought of as they pertain to motocross. I used to own many a dirtbike back in the 80s and I can tell you that one thing I absolutely love is tearing town engines and building them back up again. Now that I'm older, I miss all that so much. Personally, I've owned a Honda CR125, Suzuki RM125, Kawasaki KDX80, Honda Z50R, Yamaha Banshee, Suzuki QuadRacer, Polaris Sportsman 850 and probably a few others that I'm forgetting. I've owned streetbikes too. One truth of owning a motorcycle, whether it be a dirtbike (motocross) or a streetbike is that whatever you have will eventually need work. Sure, in the moment it might not seem like much fun to fix your bike, but remembering all those good times is enjoyable.

Check out this guy. His name is Cameron Niemela. He deserves a lot of credit.

He basically built a used Honda CR250 from nothing. I believe he bought the bike with some miles but by the time he was finished with it, there wasn't a used part on it. Here he is test riding the bike.

Well first, here it is half way through:

And here it is finished:

I'm going to keep my eye on Cameron. I've subscribed to his channel and I love his videos.


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I just subscribed to his Youtube channel. Seems like a good guy and he obviously puts a lot of hard work into his channel. Did you know that he recently overcame an illness? I think it was cancer. Actually it was Leukemia. He talks about it in this video. I gotta hand it to Cameron. He builds some sweet bikes.