2014 Nissan Frontier Oil Change


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A buddy of mine came over to change the oil in his 2014 Nissan Frontier pickup truck yesterday. It was his first time changing oil, so I agreed to stand watch while he did what he had to do. It's not a tough job, but it's best to have someone who's got experience nearby.

We didn't need to jack the truck up to change the oil. It's high enough to crawl under there to get to both the oil filter as well as the drain bolt. And since he drove the truck over to my house, he didn't need to run it for a few minutes first to loosen up the oil. There are actually some stellar oil change instructions for this truck available here:


A few things struck me yesterday. First, I learned that Mobile 1 makes an extended life oil filter, where you can skip the filter change every other oil change. It's available for around $10 at Walmart. I thought that was very cool. I wonder what the consensus on this is out there in the auto world. Can you really skip the filter change? I'd love to know. By the way, the Mobile oil filter part number for this truck is M1-110a. Second, I learned that Walmart sells Pro Tech fully synthetic 5w-30 motor oil for just under $15 for five quarts. That's an awesome price. I am totally going to use that oil from now on in my own cars. And third, I learned that it's sort of a pain in the ass to get to the oil filter on this truck. You need to remove a small panel right behind the front bumper to access it. I think the bolts for the plate are 10mm. Okay, one more - I learned that a 64mm 14 flute oil filter wrench is necessary to remove this oil filter. You know the kind. The ones that attach to a socket wrench.

I've got some photos for you from yesterday's change. I love to capture moments like these.

- 2014 Nissan Frontier with hood open.
- My buddy removing the front plate to access the oil filter.
- Removing the oil drain bolt.
- The socket wrench on the oil pan drain bolt. A nice close up.


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And here are a few photos of the Mobile 1 extended life oil filter. The first image is of my friend applying some used motor oil to the rubber gasket and the second image shows the oil filter next to the wrench we used. It's a great little wrench. I bought it on Amazon a while ago for $9 to remove the oil filter on my Polaris Sportsman ATV. Now I'm wondering if I can use this filter on the quad.


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