Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver by Michael Maloney


Aug 2, 2020
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I'm so excited to be reading this book. I just purchased it last night and took a quick look through the table of contents. I've long been interested in the world of gold and silver and will be writing about everything I learn here in this forum. There's actually quite a bit of history when it comes to investing in gold. What I'm most attracted to is the fact that these two precious metals are recognized all over the world. It's not like you can only deal with it here in America.

It's a great time to learn about why gold is important in the world of high finance. With COVID 19 still very active and business destruction all over the place, our United States government is printing money like crazy. And now with the Biden administration taking charge in just a few days and with Joe's plan for a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus on the heels of a previous giant stimulus, I'm beginning to hear whispers of inflation sure to peek around the corner. True, any substantive inflation has eluded us for the past decade, but I have to wonder if these latest actions will finally introduce it to the realm of possibilities. It seems that so many of those who predicted that the money printing of the past would spell our ultimate doom were wrong, but my question is, will they finally have their day? Since 2008, I've been reading and hearing about $5,000 gold per ounce. Has that happened? Far from it. I've heard about "breakouts" and about how "gold is going to shoot through the ceiling." Has either of those things happened? No, they haven't. But that doesn't mean that they won't some time in the future.

From what I've learned, there's a certain type of person who invests in gold. These people aren't trying to make money from their investment. They're not business people. They're not speculators in the traditional sense. Many of them aren't even investors. Do you want to know who they are? They're security freaks. They're the kind of people who think the entire thing is going to go to hell in a hand basket one day and when it does, they'll be sitting back with a beer watching it all unfold. And they'll be saying, "I told you so. You should have listened."

I've invested in gold. I bought heavily back in 2008-2010 and for most of the years since, I've forgotten all about it. I'm happy to report that my investment has doubled during that time, but the price per ounce hasn't risen nearly as I had expected. Owning precious metals gives me a good feeling though. It's like having an insurance policy that gets more and more valuable as the years go on.

As I said, I'm eager to learn about what Mike has to say. I've been watching him on YouTube for years and years, but what I've seen has come to me in bits and pieces. I'd like to finally read the story in its entirety. What's the best part? Well, I'll be writing independent posts here on this forum that summarize what I've learned from each chapter. My hope is that these posts will inspire discussion and conversation about this captivating topic. You can reply to my posts right inside their threads or initiate a conversation down below. Wherever you'd like to write is fine with me.


Michael Maloney's Gold & Silver Preface
Is the U.S. Dollar Crashing?
What's the Difference Between Currency & Money?
Dutch Tulip Mania
John Law & His Inflatable Currency
Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic
The Decline of the Dollar
How the Federal Reserve Began
What is Fractional Reserve Banking?
What Was the Gold Exchange Standard?
How Does Credit Affect the Economy?
What Causes an Economic Depression?
Bank Runs & Deflation
Executive Order Banning Gold Ownership
Devaluing the Dollar Against Gold in 1934
What Saved Us From the Great Depression?
Inflation & the Free Market for Gold
The World Moves Off the Gold Standard
The Golden Bull
Chapter Six - Booms and Crashes
Inflation During the 1970s-80s
Chapter Seven - What's the Value?
The Dow is Crashing!
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