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Please feel free to use this forum for everything photography related. We hope to build this area into a place where members can share photography tutorials, tricks, tips, hacks, their photos, and so on. Go ahead and ask questions and debate what type of gear is best in the conventional or digital photography world. Discuss cameras, tripods, lenses, and the latest technology surrounding all of that. To get involved, simply register for an account and then click the orange Post Thread button.

I'd like to mention one other thing here. I'd like to invite you to create your very own photo stream. Basically, you'll be creating a new thread and inside of it, you can post your photos chronologically or in whichever fashion you'd like. As you capture or edit new photos and continue to share, you'll add them to the same thread, beneath the others. I wanted to let you know that if you wanted to go ahead with this, you can begin your own photo stream to post what makes you look best and what you're interested in displaying to others. There's no limit to how long threads can be and you can use your space to really show off your skills. Let us know if you need any help or advice. Also, if you've got your own suggestions for this forum, please share those down below.
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