The Best Karen Videos


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Up until a few months ago, I had no idea what a "Karen" was. To me, it was a name of a friend of mine and the name of a few girls I went to school with. It wasn't until I watched the video from Central Park in NYC where a lady called the cops on a guy who was trying to get her to follow park rules that I discovered the worldwide phenomenon of Karens. Here, check out the video:

Since this Central Park incident, the Youtube algorithm has been inundating me with Karen videos. Some are outrageously entertaining while others are pushing the Karen thing a bit too far. There are some out there who are attempting to name everyone who does anything outlandish a Karen. Regular women and even men. Sorry guys, men can't be Karens, no matter how much they may act like the real ones. So get the phrase male Karen out of your minds.

Let me ask you this. What is a Karen, anyway? To me, it's a woman who's in her late 20s to late 40s who insists on tattling on someone else for a perceived threat or infraction of some policy. In the Central Park incident, this Karen felt threatened so she called the cops. If you'll notice something in all the good Karen videos out there, there's usually a big fat cell phone in hand. Karens are never alone. There's always someone of authority just a phone call away. So annoying. Oh yeah, Karens also like to pretend that they're the boss. If they see something they perceive to be unjust or a rule that's perceived to have been broken, they'll step in to rectify things.

Here are a few Karen videos for you. If you've got any to share, please do. I'd love to watch them.



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We have a Karen in our neighborhood. This woman thinks she's somehow the manager of the entire area. I think she must have been born like this. She once sent letters to all of the nearby residents telling them to make sure their property is well maintained and clean. The reason for this was because she was trying to sell her house, which didn't sell. She put it on the market three times and finally it sold for much less than she was asking. This lady didn't have any friends and I know why. She was like one of those annoying big sister types who put her hand on her hip as she was scolding you for doing something only she thought was wrong. Just like so many of the ladies in the videos you posted. I don't know how these people live with themselves. How do they look in the mirror? No wonder so many people are on meds.