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I think the time has come for me to offer my opinion on Guitar Tricks, the online guitar learning website. There are probably a zillion other reviews for this outfit floating around the internet, but whatever. I'll offer my take in things too.

Let me begin with my guitar learning story. I began learning in 2012. I bought an inexpensive Epiphone guitar from Amazon that must have been sitting in a warehouse for a while. I believe the neck dried out and warped slightly. No matter how I adjusted it, there was always a slight buzzing on a few frets. That didn't stop me though. I bought Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar to use as instruction and played for six months. I learned so much during that time. I made it past single notes and was playing simple songs. Then, I learned a whole bunch of chords, which really brought things to another level. I found them extremely difficult for my clumsy fingers to get right at first, but over time, they became easier, like so many other aspects of learning guitar. After I while though, the lessons became more challenging and I lost my motivation. I've always prided myself on how I'm able to sustain some semblance of motivation, but I lost it. I used an injured finger as an excuse to "take some time off" and stopped playing completely. Truth be told, I hated the guitar I purchased and while the Learn & Master system was good and I really liked Steve Krenz, I couldn't get past the fact that the visual lessons were contained on DVD. The system came with some lesson books and the instruction was very good, it's just that after some time, I was unable to use the DVDs at all. When I would pause them to take some time to practice, they'd lock up and I'd have to start all over again. Things became too cumbersome and I wasn't enjoying what I was doing. Another issue with the DVDs was that I'd have to sit and practice near my DVD player. I didn't particularly enjoy that spot, which sort of annoyed me.

In February of 2018, I decided to pick things up again. I had a nagging feeling that I had failed and had given up on something I was actually getting pretty good at. I began with the Learn & Master system once more and even continued on with my Epiphone guitar. Then, one day I decided that I had enough of that and took a trip to Northern Kingdom Music in Bangor, Maine to purchase a very sweet brand new Martin DRS2 Road Series guitar for almost $900. With this new guitar, I figured I'd have to continue learning. I would never let all that money go to waste. And I have continued learning. It's now August of 2020 and I still play for about a half hour each night. I've taken a few nights off here and there, but things have been very consistent.

Approximately a year and a half ago, I put the Learn & Master guitar learning system away and decided to go wtih Guitar Tricks instead. I can't remember where I first learned about this resource, but I can tell you, it's well worth the cost of joining. First off, all the lessons are online, which is just so much better than being on DVD. Second, there are multiple instructors, which I find refreshing. I like some more than others and really appreciate watching and learning from so many different styles. One instructor never uses a pick. I found that interesting. Another is awesome at fingerstyle, which I'm actually working on now. Caren Armstrong, Lisa McCormick, and Anders Mouridsen are the instructors I've had the most interaction with and they are phenomenal. Quite skilled, yet down to earth and really know how to teach beginners and advanced students alike. There are tracks a student can follow which progress slowly and smoothly. There is really no excuse for not learning how to play the guitar now. There are beginner tracks and more advanced tracks. There are about a million songs (okay - hyperbole) to play as well. It's like every time I check out the website to search for something, I find a new area that's got some cool lesson sequence that I never knew about. And what's best about Guitar Tricks is that it's a real learning system. It's not some hodgepodge of random videos on Youtube that are stuffed with way too many concepts. Currently, I'm in the beginning phase of following the Acoustic style track (there are many different styles; blues, rock, country, etc...). I'm learning fingerpicking, which is tough, but I'm getting better at. It's a slow and steady pace. Concepts are taught in small chunks so I'm able to take each one and practice it over the next few days away from the computer or tablet. I'll tell you that fingerstyle isn't the easiest of all styles and my fingers tend to get in the way of one another, but if you heard me just one month ago and heard me now, you'd be impressed. I've searched Youtube for some videos on the topic and while there was a seemingly endless number of them, I walked away wondering what in the heck the guy was talking about each and every time. Far too much squeezed into a short amount of space. You can't substitute the real thing. The step by step instruction.

So, overall, I'm very happy with Guitar Tricks. I'm a male in my 40s and while learning guitar isn't the simplest thing in the world to do, I feel as though I'm getting there little by little. Whenever I feel as though I'm not progressing, I think back to just a few weeks before and realized how far I've come. It's incredible, actually.

If you would like to learn how to play guitar or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I love discussing this topic.


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Great story. I have always wanted to get into guitar. I should probably do that. I'll check this site out.


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Great story. I have always wanted to get into guitar. I should probably do that. I'll check this site out.
You should. Learning how to play the guitar is very rewarding and the site is awesome. I just did some creeping around on it again and found a few things. First, you can view all of the instructors here. Anders teaches an insane number of lessons, many of which are fingerstyle. After looking at those lessons for a bit, I searched the term, "fingerpicking" and found a bunch more lessons and some songs. I actually think I may just stay with fingerpicking forever (after I finish the Acoustic track). It's a great sounding style of guitar and it's certainly deep enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life. I think this is what I've always wanted to learn, but never knew it. Good luck.