What Do 3 Cords of Dumped Firewood Look Like?

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Aug 8, 2020
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Just moments ago, I had three cords of split firewood delivered to my residence. The company I purchased it from delivered it in a large truck. They've got lines on the dump body to indicate how many cords are currently in the truck. It's all been measured out to guarantee a full delivery. The reason I had this wood delivered so early in the season is because I wanted to give it as much time as possible to season (dry) outside. I'll be stacking it once the snow melts and I'm able to move it around. Another reason I had it delivered so early is because once May rolls around, the firewood guys are swamped with work and it's very difficult to get hold of them. This is a great time to buy firewood.

I paid $220 per cord and three cords will cover the entire season. I burn the wood in an Englander NC30 and I'm sure this amount of wood is good from October to April. I do burn some softwoods in October to about mid November and then again in late March through April, just to keep the house warm. It's oftentimes too much to keep a fire going with oak, maple, birch, or the other hardwoods.


Which brings me to my next piece of information. The wood that I just bought includes yellow birch, red oak, rock maple, beech, and probably some more. Those are what I quickly noticed on top of the pile. When I made the order, I told the guy I would love as much red oak as he's got and I do see a lot in the pile, so that's good. He says that many people around my area don't want oak because it takes so long to dry. I'll be burning this wood in the 2022/2023 season, so it'll have enough time. A lot of people around here simply don't have the storage space to keep piles of wood around for that long.

Here's the perfect piece of firewood for you. It's red oak and it's pretty large. I had the logs cut 18" because my stove is able to fit that size nicely. I like the big logs. The smaller ones burn way too quickly.


Anyway, I wanted to show you what three cords of dumped firewood looks like. To me, it's never enough, but there's a lot of wood in this pile. It's hard to tell until I start getting into it to stack, but man there's a lot.



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