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Aug 1, 2020
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Have you ever launched a forum and asked yourself how you're going to make it popular? I have. I launched this forum just about a week ago. I knew what I wanted out of it and I had a plan for how to make all my wildest dreams come true. Basically, forums, blogs, social media sites, and all the rest are based on content. On any new website, the most important thing to do is to fill it up with interesting and engaging text that folks around the world will want to get in on and contribute to. Content that begs to be responded to. In my opinion, that would be content of technical nature, political conversation, help type posts, and the like. Content, content, content. Day after day after day. That's the recipe that makes a good forum thrive.

I'm only one guy. Sure, I've already got lots of friends who contribute to this forum, but I need more. I need writers who are willing to write for me, a forum writing collaboration, if you will. In return, I'll write for you. Do you own a forum? Are you trying to build it up? Are you looking for writers? If so, I invite you to register for this forum and begin responding to some posts that have already been created. I also invite you to create new threads that are interesting to you. When you do this, let me know that you've done it. After I receive your message, I'll go ahead and register for your forum and offer just as much insight as you've offered here. It'll be a trade of sorts. So instead of bugging friends and family and badgering them to write for your forum (and mine), we'll use each other to create beautifully written content ourselves. I'm a writer by nature and I can comment on just about anything. It'll be a win-win. Let me know if you're interested.
Forum Writers Wanted was posted on 08-10-2020 by JGaulard in the Announcements forum.
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