Which No Trespassing Signs Are Better? Plastic of Paper (Tyvek)?


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Have you ever wondered which private property, no hunting, no trespassing signs are the best and longest lasting? I have. I used to think it was the plastic ones, but my mind has been changed now that I've had a chance to see how they hold up outdoors over time. There are a few types you can choose from; plastic, paper or Tyvek, aluminum, wood, you name it. Most of the time, we'll buy the signs from Amazon or Tractor Supply or something like that. Two years ago, I bought ten plastic signs and a roll of 100 paper ones from Tractor Supply. I think the plastic ones were about $1 each and the paper ones were $10 for a roll of 100. These signs range in price greatly. Right now, I'm on Amazon checking out some prices. I see a pack of 25 plastic signs selling for around $10. I see a roll of 100 Tyvek signs for around $25. I see a four-pack of aluminum signs for $15. There's no rhyme or reason for all of these random prices. All I know is that I got a decent deal.

Tomorrow I'll be out in the woods stapling my posted signs back to the trees I attached them to two years ago. The trees have grown, so the signs are getting stretched and some are popping off. I've been watching how they handle the weather and which ones last the longest and I'm happy to report that the Tyvek signs are so much better than the rigid plastic ones. Those plastic signs are cracking and fading in the sun, while the paper signs are still bright yellow and in perfect condition. I'm very surprised by this. So tomorrow, I'll bring my camera with me to grab some photos of what the current situation is. Hopefully, this will help you out if you're interested in posting your own property.


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Okay, I've got some photos for you. I took these pictures this morning. These signs are all the same age. I bought them and nailed them to the trees the same day. You be the judge of which has better stood the test of time.

First, we've got the hard plastic sign. I nailed a bunch of these to the trees around my property and they're all in the same lousy condition. I'll never buy these again. Also, don't mind the half-stapled staples. I was on my tippy-toes this morning trying to get them in and it didn't work very well.




Lots of cracks. Also, as the tree grows, the sign pops off the nails. Not good.

Here is a Tyvek sign. Every one of these is still perfect. The color is vibrant and as the tree grows, the sign merely gets tighter, but doesn't pop off the nails. I'll simply go around and throw a few staples in the sign every few years to keep it attached to the tree. As you can see, I did a better job stapling this one.