The Satan Caves in Brewster, New York


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I wrote a post back in 2006 about the Satan Caves in Brewster, New York. Can you believe that? I've been blogging since 2006? Actually, I think I began in 2004, but alas, now I'm just showing off. Anyway, since I wrote that post, I've received hundreds of comments from folks all around the area telling others about their adventures in the caves. I just received another comment tonight, which is why I'm starting a brand new thread here in this forum. Before I go any further, please take a look at the post I wrote all those years ago:

Make sure you scroll down to see all of the incredible comments. They're pretty awesome.

The best thing about the comments is that people get/got to share their experiences about climbing through the caves. And boy, do people have experiences. A lot of experiences. The worst thing about the comments is that people can't upload any media, such as photos to them. And they can't embed YouTube videos. What's more, after they write a comment, they don't receive any notification when someone replies to it. So basically, once someone from the area (Brewster, Carmel, Mahopac, Croton Falls, North Salem, Pawling, Danbury, Putnam Lake in Putnam and Westchester counties - you get the idea) drops off a comment, the conversation really doesn't go any further than that, unless they come back to see if anyone replied, of course. And sometimes people have done that, which I've loved.

Anyway, this is a forum, so it's fully functional in that users can watch the thread by clicking the "Watch" button up top. When someone writes something new or someone gets a response to something they've written, they'll receive an email telling them so. Users can also upload photos and copy/paste video URLs from YouTube to add to the thread. It's much more feature-filled over here, so that's why I wanted to get the ball rolling on this page.

If you'd like to share your experiences about the caves, please do so here. I'd really love to see this page grow and become the best resource for everything Satan Cave out there.

Okay, so what are the Satan Caves, anyway? If you're here, you probably already know what they are, but if you don't know, I'll fill you in. The Satan Caves are a cluster of old mines that are located just off Lower Mine Road in either Carmel, Brewster, or Croton Falls. I can't seem to figure out which town they're in. If anyone knows, please let me know below. The road runs along the Croton Falls Reservoir. It's a dirt road. I remember taking Rt.22 south when I was a kid and turning into this dirt road to visit the now closed Brewster dump. If you're as old as I am (47 at the time of this writing), you know about this landfill. Half of the bicycles I owned came from it. My father and I used to take our ancient dump truck there to unload the neighborhood's junk. After we passed through the front gate, we'd see a couple of fellas sitting next to a shed on the right. That shed would have a few decent bicycles leaning up against it. I guess people tossed them in the trash. Give the guys a few bucks and you get to take a bike home with you. What an exciting adventure for a kid like me to have. The dump was a terrible place though. There would be burning tires and piles of garbage all over the place. I did like going there though. There was always something new to look at. It was fun if the smoke from the tires was drifting away from us. If not, is wasn't so great.

I can't be sure of this, but I think the Satan Caves were part of the Tilly Foster mine system in Brewster and Carmel. Rumor has it that there was another cave and a tunnel that led to these caves that originated on the side of the mountain behind the Metro North train station in the village of Brewster. I can't confirm that though because I've never seen it. That would be very cool though.

To get to these mines, you need to travel west on Lower Mine Road and just as you approach the reservoir on the right, look to the left up a hill. If you climb that hill on the left, you should eventually approach the caves. I think they were old iron ore caves. If you look at this area on Google Earth, you should see what looks like a dark gouge in the trees where the caves are. And if you look even closer on Google Earth at a time when there's no leaves on the trees, you'll see old round smelters sitting in the woods. It's a very freaky area. If you end up on Rt.35, which is Stoneleigh Avenue, you've gone too far. And actually, as I look at the map, Lower Mine Road is also called Deans Corner Road and Magnetic Mine Road. I've also heard it called Reservoir Road, so I don't know what the heck it's called.

Anyway, if you see a road called Daisy Lane on the left, that heads up to a neighborhood and a lake. My sister used to canoe in that lake (I think with a girl scout camp or something) and she told me that at one end of it, there's a large grate that leads somewhere. I (and she) suspect that the tunnel leads into the Satan Caves. I'll never know though because I'm not about to climb down there.

Back when I was around 15 years old, some friends and I visited these caves for the first time. Rob, Gary, Rob, Pete, and the rest of the crew drove over and parked the car on the side of the dirt road. This was back when the entrance to the caves was wide open for anyone to walk through. We went with a few flashlights and nothing else. Inside the caves stood about six inches of water and train tracks. We balanced on the tracks and wandered from chamber to chamber. I can't remember how many there were - maybe two or three. There were small tunnels that led off to nowhere on either side. I remember walking into one of these to the end. It just stopped about 50 feet in. From what I remember, the primary caves were fairly large. They were definitely walkable without anyone banging their heads on anything. Between each chamber were doors, if memory serves. And at the end was a rubber hose that led straight up and out of the ground above. In order to get out, you had to climb the hose. And when you made it to the top, you'd pop your head out of the ground inside of what looked like a large funnel. What I would give to relive that experience. I'm not suggesting that anyone visit these mines because they're incredibly dangerous. I know we shouldn't have been in there, but being the age we were, we had no choice. We were adventurists.

Through the years, we revisited the caves. Things changed dramatically since our first visit. The town (or someone) began piling dirt up against the front doors so no one could enter, but that was promptly dug away. From what I gather, there's a lake inside of the caves now. None of the water can escape the front doors because of the dirt.

Outside the main entrance to the caves was an old trailer that had beer bottles all over the place. We first noticed this trailer back in the late 80s. I'm assuming the local youth partied up there because it was private and spooky. This was when Satan worshiping was a thing. Seriously, we had people who claimed they worshiped Satan in high school. I'm guessing this was because heavy metal bands, such as Slayer, Megadeath, and Metallica were all the rage. Good times. I wonder what those Satan worshipers are doing today. They probably have Facebook accounts. Oh how far we fall.

I'm going to post a few YouTube videos of the caves below. If you've got anything to add to this thread, please do. I'd like to see some photos and some more video. Anything that can add to the experience would be great. I'll also add more commentary to this thread as I think of it.


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Here are those videos.

The Search for Satan's Cave - Part 1

The Search for Satan's Cave - Part 2

The Search for Satan's Cave - Part 3