How to Open a File From Bridge into Photoshop

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This is one of those tutorials that has the potential of explaining 20 different ways to go about getting something done. I'll cover one or two down below, but if you've got specific questions about something, please let me know and I'll do my best at answering. As it stands, my methods are the most straightforward that I know of and I've been using them for years.

In today's post, I'd like to teach you how to open an image from Adobe Bridge into Adobe Photoshop. Once you have everything set up, you'll find the motions rather simple.

Installing Adobe Bridge

You may have Photoshop installed on your computer, but unless you specifically installed Bridge, you might not have it available to you. To install it, there are a few different things you can do. First, open the Creative Cloud desktop app, find Bridge, and then click the Install button. The app should takeover from there and put the necessary application on your computer. To accomplish the same thing, you may also open Photoshop and go to the File > Browse in Bridge menu item. Once you click that, the Creative Cloud app will open and you can do what I just shared above. It's that easy.

Exploring Bridge

To locate the file you might want to open in Photoshop, you'll first need to navigate to it. In the upper left corner of Bridge, you should see a panel that's got two tabs in it; Favorites and Folders. If you click the Folders tab, you'll find a list of folders just as they'd be in any native folder on your computer. If you click to select or double-click to enter one, you'll find the files held in that particular folder.


Once you select the destination folder, you'll see the center Content panel in Bridge become populated.


To change the size of the image thumbnails in your folder, you can push the slider at the bottom of the panel to the left or right.

Opening a File into Photoshop

There are two primary methods for opening a file into Photoshop from Bridge. Here they are:

1. Double-click on the thumbnail. Find the thumbnail for the image you'd like to open and simply double-click your left mouse button in it. If your install of Bridge and Photoshop haven't had any settings changes, the file should open directly into Photoshop.

2. Right-click on the thumbnail. Again, find the thumbnail for the image you'd like to open, but this time, right-click on it. When you do that, a menu should appear. Find the Open With > Adobe Photoshop... option and click. I left three dots after Photoshop because what it says after that will depend on which version you've got installed on your computer.

Bonus: Opening a File into Camera Raw

I've got things set so I can't open a file directly into Photoshop from Bridge. Whether it be a RAW or a JPEG file, no matter which of the above methods I choose for opening a file, that file will first pass through Camera Raw before it makes it into Photoshop. From there, I do my editing and then I open the image into Photoshop. I'll get into the necessary settings changes that you'll need to make in another post that's more specific to the topic. For now though, I merely wanted to show you how I move a file from Bridge into Camera Raw. It's really easy.

Again, you'll need to locate the image you'd like to open, but this time, only click on it with one click, just to select it. Then, look up to the menu bar for a small circle. When you hover your mouse pointer over it, you'll see it say Open in Camera Raw. Click that button and you should be good to go.


In later posts, I'll also describe how to move a file from Camera Raw into Photoshop. Again though, if you've got any questions about what I discussed above, please let me know down below. Thanks!
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