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Aug 1, 2020
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Boy, I've been a busy boy. For the past week, I've been putting my old website back together, better than it's ever been. Why? Well, there's a story to that.

A couple of months ago, I was talking to my friend Rob. He recently started a residential landscape lighting company near Westchester, New York. He's been a union electrician for over a decade and he's very good at what he does. Since he's entrepreneurial at heart though, it was just a matter of time before he started a side thing.

Rob and I were talking one day and he asked if I could help out with finishing his website. He had a company from either California or India make it for him. We can't quite figure out where they're from. The reason Rob asked if I could help out with the site was because he wasn't able to make heads or tails of how it worked. Since I'm experienced with WordPress and since that's the CMS the design company used to build the website, I agreed to help.

To make a long story short, I spent hours sifting through the back-end trying to figure out what in the world the design company did to the website. It seemed to function on the outside, but behind the curtains, it was a mess. I've never seen something so convoluted in all my life. After two hours of scouring the administration pages for the settings I was looking for, I gave up. I told Rob that I'd build him a new site and host it on my server. I'd also use WordPress, but I'd use a different theme and plugins - ones that I use often and that I know are worth the effort. The next week, I had this to show Rob:


The website's URL is

If you browse the website, you'll see that it's not complete. The design portion of it is, but we still need to add page copy. I'll be working with Rob to get that all done in the coming weeks.

When I finished my portion of the site, I told myself that it would be very cool to be able to place a link at the bottom of it back to my website. The problem was, I didn't have a web design website to link to anymore. The last time I had one was in 2007. For some reason, I took it offline back then and never put it back up. I kept the domain name because I use it for my email, but I wasn't doing anything else with it.

After sleeping on things, I thought it would be a good idea to launch my website again. Not just a blog, mind you - a real website that offers a service. I'm a whiz when it comes to certain technical things and I wouldn't mind popping up some more sites if people wanted me to.

So, for the past week, I've been putting my website together. I used WordPress, StudioPress, and XenForo. I set up a regular website that's got pages and I set up a blog portion to go along with those pages. I also set up a forum. I'd like this website to target those who are interested in learning about or who have questions about website design, WordPress, XenForo, StudioPress, Cloudflare, hosting, domain names, photography, image editing, SEO, and all that kind of stuff. Here's what I came up with:


The website's URL is

At this point, it's mostly done. I just need to start filling it with posts. I really do love it. It's so functional and beautiful.

I've got so many websites now that I don't know what to do with them all. The domain is ancient, so it's very valuable. I think I registered it sometime back in 2004. Needless to say, it's aged. Search engines love that. When I was using it back then, it ranked well. There are still over 1,600 links pointing to it and Google has already indexed some of the pages. It did that within about a day of my putting them up, so that's a good sign.

Since I finished my website and after showing it around, two friends have asked me to make them blogs. Can you believe it? I've got lots of great ideas for the forum as well. My lady and I already have a market that's just chomping at the bit to get involved. I'm excited to see what it turns into. So if you'd like a WordPress blog or website created, please let me know. If you'd like a XenForo forum installed and configured, let me know as well. I enjoy working with these pieces of software.
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