Why are Forum Signatures Important?

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Aug 1, 2020
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To cut to the chase, your forum signature is important to get credit for all the hard work you've put into sharing your brilliant forum posts. If you think about it, almost everyone online has something they'd like to tell others about. Whether it be a Facebook or Youtube page, a company website, a page that discusses services they offer, or an Instagram stream, we're always in search of our next online visitor. If someone is a frequent contributor to a very popular forum, it would be in their best interest to include a well crafted signature that will sit below each and every one of their posts. I mean, while some of us are completely altruistic and enjoy writing on other peoples' websites, the rest of us need to be smart and take advantage of free advertising where we can. After all, by contributing to a forum, you're helping the owner of said forum. It's only right that you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I frequent many forums each and every day. I read hundreds and hundreds of posts. I've come to know who's been posting over the years and I've come to trust them greatly. If they've got a signature sharing their name and perhaps what services they offer, that's all the better. If they include a link to their website, I'll click that link to visit them. It's all about relationships, so if you are a frequent contributor to IndyFor, go ahead and include a nice signature in your account area. Brag about who you are and what you can offer. Readers will likely appreciate that.
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