2 - Denial: I'm Not That Out of Shape

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Aug 8, 2020
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A few days ago, I was reading through a few web forums that had to do with tax returns from the IRS. I am expecting a refund and, for some reason or another, my return has been hung up in some sort of errors department. I have no idea why this is, because I use an accountant to do my taxes and there are never errors. Anyway, that's not important right now. I'll show you what is important below. Please take a moment to read through these forum entries I found on the site. This is a tiny sampling from the entire forum thread. Apparently, many people are going through the same issue I am. The thing is, these people have got much bigger problems than having a delayed tax refund. By the way, I had to clean up the below grammar substantially. Their entries were barely readable.

Jeremy Green says:
Sunday at 4:45 pm
Same, my refund and my 2nd stimulus are together and I just checked; they don't have any info on my 3rd stimulus now. They also stopped my unemployment on top of that. I'm sitting here with literally no income about to be homeless because the IRS and job and family seem to think I'm not who i say i am. I even submitted all the documents two or three days ago and there has been no change. I'm packing my belongings into my vehicle now, but still cant go anywhere because I don't have any gas!!!!. Thanks IRS and ODJFS!!!!

David Ortiz says:
Sunday at 5:28 pm
I still haven’t received my refund and I called and went online nothing and it passed 21 day’s and nothing. I’m about to get kicked out my apartment and they don’t care.

Jeremy Green says:
Monday at 8:00 am
Same here, gonna be kicked out. They still have my refund, 2nd stimulus, and are now holding my 3rd stimulus. I owe nothing; no child support and I owe no taxes. The website says same thing; being processed. The IRS phone keeps saying call volume too high and it hangs up. They owe me $3200 between the stimulus and refund and I'm gonna be homeless?!?!?

David Ortiz says:
Monday at 11:38 am
Why is we the people not getting their money? I filed on 02/13/2021 and got accepted on 02/13/2021 and it's like 23 days later March 8th and I still don’t have nothing. I hope they are going to pay me when I get kicked out my apartment and car insurance, etc... That’s is crazy.

I don't even know what to say about these comments. I guess I can say that blaming the IRS and government for you getting kicked out of your apartment is a pretty lame excuse for your own failings. Counting on a tax return to pay your expenses? Going to get kicked out of your apartment? Becoming homeless? Not being able to pay your car insurance or for gasoline? Saying that because you haven't received a free money handout from the government (called a stimulus) you're going to be homeless is pathetic. What if it wasn't tax season? What if there was no stimulus? Who would these people blame then? I encourage them to look in the mirror if they want to find the problem.

This section in Dave Ramsey's book was written by Mark and Kelley, two people who shared a quick story about their own financial situation. A great line from their entry goes like this: "My dad used to say that 90% of solving a problem is realizing there is one." That's pretty awesome. This is why I said the folks above should look in the mirror if they want to find the source of their woes. I hardly think that some department inside of the federal government is causing them to have horrible lives.

I'm sure that if I had the opportunity to meet these two guys (from the forum) and have a chat with them explaining that it's their own habits and lack of self control that has caused them to be broke, they wouldn't believe me. They'd argue and scream. Kick and yell. I know these types. They're never at fault. It's someone else's fault that while they're able to afford smart phones to do their online research and write on IRS related forums, they're unable to pay their rent. There's a word for this type of thinking: denial. They're in denial of how bad their lives are, all because of themselves.

The story in this section has to do with how Mark and Kelley realized that their consumer spending was out of control and how, once admitted to, they kicked butt to get out from under the debt hammer. I love stories like this. We all make mistakes as we begin earning and getting paid more money through the years. Our confidence grows and we buy things we can't afford. It's not long before what we owe outweighs our own savings. It takes some mighty reflection to admit there's a problem, but once that problem is admitted to, a plan of action can be created. People are good at getting results once they put their minds to it, but if they never accept the fact that they're in trouble, nothing will ever change. Actually, things will most likely get a lot worse.

In Mark and Kelley's case, they cut back on all unnecessary spending and lived below their means. Within ten months, they had their car loans, credit cards, and second mortgage paid off and were in the process of saving their money, as opposed to spending it on paying interest to the banks. This is what you have to do. Dave likes to say that if you're in debt, to get out of it, you'll need to eat rice and beans until that happens. What a true statement. There's no way someone is going to live the life they're used to and pay off all their bills simultaneously. No way at all.

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