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Aug 3, 2020
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I think once a person begins to see opportunity, he or she never really stops. It's just part of the entrepreneurial spirit. This used to be the way it was before the internet arrived, but since, it's spread like wildfire. People who would never have become business owners are now just that. They look at money completely differently than they ever have and they see ways to monetize almost anything. Writing a story (or a post like this) can eventually be turned into a profit making machine. Taking pictures, videos, playing video games - doing almost anything. We were all destined to be employees at one time, but ever since the concept of being an "internet professional" rolled around, small business has been humming along and a fast pace.

This is the last section of this part of the book. Mike and Robert continued to work at Mike's father's store for nothing. Mike's father told the boys that once they stop thinking of only working for money, their focus would change. That they'd see opportunities like that never had before. And sure enough, a few weeks after that conversation, Robert saw an opportunity.

One day, Robert noticed that the woman behind the counter of Mike's father's store was cutting the covers off the comic books that didn't sell the previous week. She was removing the covers to give them back to the comic book dealer for credit. When Robert asked the dealer if he could have the coverless books, the dealer agreed, but only if Robert promised not to sell them. Robert promised and a venture began.

For weeks afterward, Robert and Mike collected hundreds of comic books from the store. Once in hand, they kept them in a room at Mike's house and charged kids around the neighborhood a small fee to come in and read them. Since they weren't selling any of the books, they were abiding by Robert's promise. And since the service was becoming popular, Robert and Mike were making money. They were averaging around $9.50 per week, which was big bucks back then. Robert was happy with this because they were using Mike's sister as an employee and neither he nor Mike had to be there all the time. They were essentially making money for no work.

Eventually, a fight broke out in the comic book room between some kids from another neighborhood and some local kids, so Mike's father suggested the two boys shut down their business, to which they agreed. I guess things were getting too hot. Mike's father had new lessons to teach anyway, so Robert and Mike were allowed to stop working at the store as well. On to bigger and better things.

This post is part of a series: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
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