What to Do About Bad Neighbors


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I have got some absolutely horrible neighbors and I'd like some advice on how to deal with them. I read this really long post that offered some great ideas, but I'd rather create my own post here so I can respond to anyone who writes back to me.

Basically, I live in the country and in my town, anything goes. People are dirty and lazy and their yards of full or garbage. I have neighbors who play music really loudly and others who shoot guns all the time. They have friends over and party past midnight and all the noise keeps me from sleeping. I think the gun shooting is dangerous too, but I've been too scared to say something. Also, there are barking dogs everywhere. I don't know what to do! The situation is driving me crazy. Should I go talk to the neighbors? I think I may get yelled at or hurt if I do. Plus, why should I have to discipline adults? Don't these people know how to act?


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I'll give you a perspective that you probably weren't expecting. I've actually been one of those bad neighbors. It wasn't actually me alone, but it was me and some of my friends. This is way back when I was young, so don't blame me too much. We were all living together in a rental house and we were awful. It's like we competed with one another to see who could be the loudest or dirtiest. The thing is, I was living with a bunch of guys who were acting like bulls. We got away with whatever we could. We left big piles of garbage around and we parked our old broken down cars everywhere we weren't supposed to. My advice to you is to call the town. You can even talk to other neighbors and gang up on the bad ones. If they realize that they're not going to get away with their BS anymore, they might change. We probably would have if someone began getting on our cases. Don't let them get away with it is my advice.


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I have had to deal with bad neighbors so many times. I can tell you that you realistically only have two options. Well, three options. You can call the town to complain and if the neighbors have any sense of decency, they'll stop being so annoying and clean up their acts. This isn't likely because once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag. You can also go over to talk to the neighbors yourself, but that's probably not going to help because if the town can't change them, you probably can't either. The town may be able to fine them and put a lien on their property though, which would help. If they're renters and this happens, it becomes the landlord's problem - fast. They may get evicted, which would be good for you.

From what I've found is that you probably have to move away. Dirty and disgusting people like to live in their filth for a good long time and if their mothers raised them to be the slobs they are, someone else isn't going to make them stop to clean up anything about their lives. Thinking anything else is delusional. This is why neighborhood associations have been created. Rules and bylaws. I know none of that stuff applies to country living, so I offer you good luck.