People I Used to Know From High School are Now Losers


Aug 2, 2020
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I know this sounds terrible, but I can't stand it anymore. I'm beginning to think that the town I grew up in produced a bunch of nothings. Back when I was in high school (I'm in my 30s now), There were a lot of us who had promise. I can remember two or three people who could have become professional musicians. One girl played the saxophone pretty much as good as a professional, one guy played the trumpet like it was going out of style, and another guy played the sax as well. Each of these students was first chair and I'm telling you, they had futures in music. They were naturals. Well, as it turns out, one of these guys is a now a plumber and the girl is a housewife. She looks good and all, but really? A housewife? With all that talent? I don't know what the other guy is doing because I couldn't find him online. And the trumpet player was a baseball star back in high school. Today, he's got a pot belly and does nothing. He reminds me of Al Bundy.

I looked up a guy who's a few years older than I am on Facebook the other day. He was one of the "cool" kids. He was a friend of my best friend's older brother. They were all cool. They looked good and they dated gorgeous girls. Do you want to know what he's doing now? He's selling paper products. Really. Paper products.

I can't complain too much here because it's not like I'm anything special. I'm just a regular guy, but at least I own a business and I'm still fit and trim. I haven't grown overweight and I think I look good overall. Unlike many of the slobs I went to school with. You should see some of these people. I mean, what the hell happened? Some of the girls obviously sat in the sun too long because their skin is just awful. Their necks look like chicken skin. It's so gross. And they think they look good. And so many of them are so overweight. I remember this one kid who was younger than I was from back then. He was so skinny! He is extremely overweight today. I had to stare at him for a few minutes before I even recognized him. Like, he went from 145 pounds in high school to 350 today.

I can go on and on, but I won't. I think I made my point. My question is, does anyone else feel this way? Do you think the people you went to high school with are now losers? I guess it just goes to show that kids really should ignore all of their classmates and do their best to get the heck out of town and make something of themselves.
People I Used to Know From High School are Now Losers was posted on 08-02-2020 by CraigHardy in the Etcetera Forum forum.
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