Donald Trump Has Literally Made Democrats Crazy


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We've all heard of Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS for short, but one needs to wonder if this is actually a real thing. From what I've been witnessing over the past four years, I have to conclude it is. It is actually a real syndrome. I've watched meltdown over meltdown over the most innocuous of events. After Trump was elected, I watched as people screamed to the sky in the streets, concerned that he was going to end the earth somehow. I watched as news anchors cried on air. I watched as families fought and couples divorced. For some odd reason, one that I have yet to understand, there are individuals on this planet who can't stand the President. I mean, really can't stand the guy. I'm at a loss because he seems pleasant enough to me, but then again, I'm not overly political and I have a good head on my shoulders. I'm also not easily influenced by the media, which has gone insane in its own right.

I was reading a chapter in my Dale Carnegie book, entitled, How to Win Friends and Influence People, a few days ago when I stumbled across something that struck a chord. Dale talked about the individual's need to feel important. He claims that he's interviewed experts and has found that the need to feel important is so great that people have actually gone insane in hopes to achieve the feeling. He says that in the real world, certain people haven't done great things in order to accumulate the recognition they feel they deserve, so their minds play tricks on them and create alternative realities. Realities that place these individuals front and center. Basically, these people are crazy.

Here's a quote from the book:

"If some people are so hungry for a feeling of importance that they actually go insane to get it, imagine what miracle you and I can achieve by giving people honest appreciation this side of insanity."

After I read this, I began thinking about those in this country who have gone certifiably insane because of Donald Trump's election win. Now, I'm telling you, I've seen people doing some very weird things in the name of the nation lately. "Saving our democracy." "Preserving the rule of law." All that sort of thing. I wonder how they got to their current condition and I've concluded that some how, some way these people have been brainwashed to such a degree, from either the main stream media or the news on the internet, that they've lost every ounce of importance they ever felt. They've been led to believe that Donald Trump will do such horrible things that everything they've worked for or believe in will be wiped away and they'll be left with nothing. Importance? Gone. Self worth? Gone. You get the idea.

I guess the question is, why doesn't everyone feel this way? Why hasn't everyone gone nuts? Why is it that just about half the population of the United States is able to go to work or about their business every day with a clear and rational mind? And why is it that the other half is curled up in the fetal position sucking their thumbs? I think I have the answer. It's because the rational half actually listens to what Trump says and watches what actually happens in reality as opposed to watching it through the lens of the media. The media offers a corrupted and distorted view of the happenings of the world. It's terrible. I've personally watched actual events on Youtube that were captured by amateur videographers and found nothing wrong whatsoever with the event as a whole. But after watching CNN's or MSNBC's version of things, I have to tell you that I'd be sucking my thumb too if I followed them enough. That's just my take on things.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think people have gone crazy? Or are you against Trump? Either way, I'd love to read your view of things one way or the other.


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I've been thinking about what I wrote above and I think I can clarify it a bit. What I meant to say was that Donald Trump is viewed as having a tough and commandeering personality, which, if given the chance, can put our democracy at risk. If the United States ended up having a supreme ruler, then there would be no more voting. Which would strip any importance the citizens ever had in the country. Self rule and governance is very important to most people. So if what Dale Carnegie is correct in that people desire the feeling of importance above all else, then yes, a President such as Donald Trump can certainly drive someone to the brink of insanity. Especially if they have certain tendencies to begin with.

Did you know that Andrew Carnegie hired Charles Schwab as President of Carnegie Steel Company in 1897 and by 1901 Schwab negotiated a deal with J.P. Morgan to form the United States Steel Corporation, which he was President as well? The reason Carnegie hired Schwab wasn't because of his knowledge of steel or his business acumen, but more so because of his way of dealing with partners, employees, and people in general. Charles Schwab had a great deal of talent when it came to motivating others to do their best and that talent payed dividends. When you make others feel important and make them feel as though they've got say in the process, they can perform wonderfully for you as well as themselves. Every politician should understand this and motivate and treat his constituents in a way that benefits all. Donald Trump might want to take this advice.