Do I Have to Give Graduation Gifts?


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I have a question. A friend's son graduate from college about a month ago and I received an "announcement" in the mail a day or two ago. I opened the letter and read what it had to say. I said to myself, "Oh, that's nice. Thank you for telling me." But after a bit, I thought, "Wait a second. This guy wants money!" I mean, why else would he send me this announcement? I didn't attend the graduation, nor to I really care deep down that he graduated. Everyone graduates. Heck, I graduated with a few different college degrees and no one ever gave me any gifts. Especially not any money. So my question is, should I send my friend's son a monetary gift just to keep things good between us or should I go with my gut instinct that says I should just throw the announcement in the trash. I'm leaning toward the trash option.


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You should in no way give a graduation gift. This nonsense has to stop. A friend's kid? Really? Yeah right. First off, that was extremely rude and presumptuous that they send you an announcement. They should have included an envelope so you can just stuff the money in that to send back. That announcement they sent seems overtly obvious. I honestly can't stand this sort of thing.

This is my rule: I don't send gifts to anyone. No one needs anything, in my opinion. The world is full of junk and kids have more money these days than they've ever had. They also waste all their money on cell phones, apps, music, and video games. The minute I fund that nonsense...well, let me just say no way. And this rule goes for nieces, nephews, children, or just about anyone. The only person I give ridiculous presents to these days is my significant other. If he graduated from college, yes, he'd get a gift from me. It would most likely be a wonderful homemade dinner or dinner in a restaurant so I could tell him how proud I am of him. As far as your friend's kid, he's got parents who can tell him that. He's also got some nerve.

Don't even get me going on bridal showers, weddings, engagement announcements, baby showers, reveal parties. I would lose my mind.


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It's all about politics between friends and relatives. I agree with @KristinaW that the entire gift giving thing has gone overboard. Back when I was a kid, sure, my family wold give gifts and I would receive them, but they were small and genuine. Now, they're all about how one adult appears in another adult's eyes. I've heard my mother keeping tabs on things like this. She once said something like, "Well, I gave her daughter a gift so you better get one in return." She was speaking with my younger sister. It's terrible. The gifts mean nothing.

Don't ask for gifts and don't give them. As mentioned above, people have too much these days anyway. But really, don't accept gifts if they're given to you because you would look bad if you accepted them, but never gave anything back.