Are There Any Blue Dog Democrats Left?


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I remember what Democrats were like when I was younger. They mostly stood for unions and the working man. They were the kind of people who rolled up their sleeves to help their neighbors. Good ol' blue collared folk who knew how to save a dollar and teach their kids right from wrong. They didn't like to fight, but enjoyed a good defense. My parents were this type of Democrat and my grandparents were too. I want to be one, but it doesn't seem like they exist anymore. I believe this type of Democrat is referred to as a Blue Dog. Check this out:

The Blue Dog Coalition, commonly known as the Blue Dogs or Blue Dog Democrats, is a caucus of United States congressional representatives from the Democratic Party who identify as fiscally responsible and centrist. The caucus professes an independence from the leadership of both parties and promotes national defense.

I remember when I was a kid, the Republican party was all about Wall Street. They seemed to be rich white guys who thought about business most of the time. Investors, bankers, and that type. My family couldn't identify with them because they were too out of reach. The shop owner down the street may have been a Republican because he didn't like to pay high taxes, but his employees were most likely Democrats.

Through the years, it seems like the Democrat party has moved way to the left. Gone are the days of the Blue Dogs and here are the days of extreme leftist Marxists and social justice warriors. Even the moderate Democrats are covering for the Marxists. They aren't speaking up against them. It appears that the Republican Party has absorbed the Blue Dog Democrats. Republicans now seem to be more (in theory) fiscally responsible and enjoy a strong national defense. It almost seems as though the entire order has been disrupted. Today, I think the two primary parties in U.S. politics should change their names. One should call themselves Globalists and the other should call themselves Nationalists. In the most basic sense, mind you. Democrats would be the Globalists and Republicans would be the Nationalists.

What's your opinion on this? Do you remember the Blue Dog Democrats? What happened to them? I miss them and I'd like to identify as one. The problem is, I can't find them anymore.


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I think the Blue Dog Democrats are long gone. And if anyone claims to be one today who holds a position in congress, they're in name only. The Democrat party has gone full left and I don't think it's coming back. It's a shame really, because I used to be a Democrat. It was a good party with sensible ideals. Now, all they want to do is talk about reparations and racism, as if there's nothing else to discuss. This government wasn't created to handle every single social dispute people have with one another. It was created to defend and administer this nation. That's it. How anyone got the idea that it's supposed to be gigantic and rule over every aspect of everyone's life, I'll never know.

Allow me to give just one small example of the absurdity of the left today. I'll refer to them as the left, because these people don't deserve a party. Especially not the Democrat party, a once legitimate and proud institution. Anyway, so here we have millions of illegal immigrants, among others, out in the streets chanting for free health care and reparations for the descendants of slaves. Let me ask you something. Who do they think is going to pay for this? First, I can tell that these people are young because they haven't quite figured out that the U.S. will pay for all this with debt. Debt that will be paid by them in the future. Not the rich people they think will pay for it, but them. So that's "duh" number one. Second, regarding health care, they do realize that there are a whole heck of a lot of poor Republicans out there that they'll be paying for, right? I mean, down in Mississippi, there are just oodles of those "terrible" and "deplorable" Republicans. I guess if the wealthy tech folks who live in San Fransisco want to pay for the health care of these deplorables, then so be it. So yeah, that's "duh" number two. And finally, I love the fact that you've got 20 year olds chanting for reparations that they'll end up paying for. Do they really think anyone else is going to pay for this? No, it'll come right out of their paychecks. And the best part is, most of these kids weren't even born in the United States. Or their parents weren't. So they have nothing to do with slavery at all. Yet they're fine with paying for it. Only in America. I have an idea, if the left is so hell bent on having someone pay reparations, how about having the plantation owners pay? Leave the poor guy who's from Poland and who's now living in eastern Oregon out of this. How did he get into this anyway? So that's "duh" number three.