What Are the Best Game Streaming Services?

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Aug 5, 2020
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It can get very confusing for a first timer trying to figure out the gaming world. Especially when trying to figure out which streaming services exist, much less which ones are the best. I know I don't want to buy a console. I think they're fazing out. All of these companies can't be pouring all this money into game streaming for them to just abandon the idea. It's sort of like Netflix - streaming ain't going away. CDs, DVDs, tapes, cassettes, vinyl, that's all going away. Streaming is the future. And since there are so many services that are fully functional right now, I think it's just going to be the wave of the future.

I just tested my internet speed. The results were very good. I've got 85.6 mbps download and 5.83 mbps upload, which is probably the fastest I've ever had in my life, and I live in the middle of nowhere in rural land. I read online that this should be fine for game streaming. I know the download speed is good enough, but I'm not sure if the upload is. One guy said that 100 mbps download/upload is the minimum you should have, but I'm not sure what he meant.

This is what highspeedinternet.com said back in 2015 about speed:

To stream video games in a household where three or more users may be online at once, the FCC advises a minimum of 6 Mbps. If users are running high demand applications, like streaming HD movies, video conferencing, or they are also online gaming, an Internet speed of 15 Mbps or more is suggested.

Okay, so my question today is, which are the best streaming services? These are the ones I've heard of so far:

Project xCloud
PlayGalaxy Link
Playstation Now
Geforce Now
Razer Junglecat
GLAP Play Controller

Some you can play with no hardware to buy, some you need a controller, some you can play on your PC or on your gaming console if you want. I have to tell you that I'm heavily leaning toward Stadia, just because it seems pretty easy to use and I don't have to download anything like I would with Geforce Now. I wonder if you can use just a keyboard and mouse while playing with Stadia. That would be helpful. It's been hinted on Reddit that a keyboard/mouse combination is supported by Stadia, but that was in the fine print on Google.

Has anyone tried any game streaming services? I'd love to know which are the easiest to use for someone who wants to get up and running fast.


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Aug 3, 2020
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I honestly think the fight is going to be between Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, which is now with Xbox Game Pass. Both are going to be huge, so you should probably begin deciding between one of these two. Stadia is out and functional while xCloud is slated to go live in September 2020. They're both awesome, both gobble up lots of data, offer 4k at 60fps and will eventually have lots of titles. I believe all you need for Stadia is the controller and I'm not sure about xCloud. Here's a vid that compares the two:

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