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Aug 2, 2020
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I was trying to add some Amazon Associates affiliate tracking code to a few links on my blog the other day when I completely forgot how to do it. I remembered that I needed to put my ID at the end of the links, but I wasn't sure of the exact format. I had to do some searching around to find the answer and in doing so, I found a much better way of getting the job done. I thought I'd share that here.

Okay, let's pretend that I wanted to place a link for Xbox on my website with some affiliate tracking code in the link that, if clicked, would give me credit for the purchase. To do this, I'd visit and type "Xbox" in the search bar up top. When the results appeared, I'd click the most appropriate one. I'd then click the URL bar to copy the URL. In this case, this is the URL:

The thing is, only half of this URL is actually necessary. I can get rid of everything from "ref" on, so the URL would look more like this:

To add my tracking code, I'd simply add my affiliate ID, plus a tiny bit of code, to the end of the URL, like this:

So you see, I included some code to the end of the URL. This is that code:


If I use the entire URL in my link, I'll get credit for the purchase if the link is clicked and the purchase actually takes place within the time frame allowed.

Now, what I just showed you above is the old way of doing things. Today, I use a much better way. It's called Associates Site Stripe and it makes things so much easier. If I log into my Amazon Associates account, I can easily activate this Site Stripe tool by clicking on the Tools > Site Stripe link in the upper navigation bar. Once that page loads, I'll click the Learn More link in the paragraph at the center of the page. On the next page, I'll enable the tool by clicking the Enable Status switch and then I'll make sure both the Get Link and Share boxes are checked below.

The Site Stripe tool should be turned on after that. If I now visit and navigate to the same page as before, I'll notice a toolbar attached to the top of the site. It sits right above the search box. This toolbar has a Text link that, if clicked, will give me a short link of pretty much any product page on Amazon. Check it out in the thumbnail image below.

Now I don't have to go around adding cumbersome code to every page I'd like to link to. All I need to do is click the Text link and I can get very quick links to anything.

Do you have any other Amazon Associate tips you'd like to share? If so, please do so below. Thanks!


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