Enough With the Tattoos Already

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Aug 8, 2020
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Tattoos have got to be stopped. I don't even know where to begin with this topic. The entire thing is becoming so annoying that I feel somewhat speechless. It's getting hard to think.

Back when I was a kid, only the old men had tattoos. Sailors, guys who were in the Army, that type. Grandfathers. They had the ol' fuzzy anchor on their arm or something like that. I never saw any tattoo parlors around my town, even though some folks did have a bit of ink. I honestly have no idea where they got these tattoos either. Maybe overseas when they were fighting in some war. What I did know was that these tattoos meant something. They had significance attached to them. A trial in life. A memory.

And now that I think about it, a few women had some tattoos as well. They were awful looking. It was almost as if they had applied them themselves. You know, the heart on the boob or some ugly cartoon character on the back of the shoulder. My friend's mother was a bartender and she had a tattoo on her chest. Terrible appearance. I actually dated a guy who gave himself a small tattoo right on his hand, where his thumb connected with his pointer finger. He used a needle and some thread and ink to do it. It was ghastly. I could never quite get past that thing.

One of my cousins got married about ten years ago. He's since divorced, but all I can remember about the photos of the wedding that I saw was the Tweety bird tattoo his bride had stuck to her back. She was pretty trashy looking, so I wouldn't expect anything less, but really? Tweety bird? Who in their right mind gets a cartoon tattoo? Perhaps this is why they divorced. Probably because she had poor decision making skills as did he.

What in the world is going on in today's world that is prompting so many people to get meaningless tattoos? Don't these people know that they'll all likely regret getting them? Do you remember the lower back tattoos that girls used to get around 2005? I don't see too many of them anymore and guess what - all those girls still have those things attached to their skin. Yes, as their skin gets older and duller and more wrinkly. Ever see an 80 year old woman with a lower back tattoo? Neither have I, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing some one of these days. Hey, great job ladies! There's some forward thinking for you.

The thing that most annoys me is arm tattoos. Both guys and girls are getting them these days and the worst part is, all of these people are nerds. They're wimps. Tattoos are meant to be tough, so I'm not sure what a hipster who never walked inside of a gym or who's gotten in a fight is doing walking around with both of his arms inked up. And have you ever noticed that people who have tattoos constantly have to show everyone else that they have them? Check out some of their photos online. If they have "sleeves," you'll see their arms front and center in every single shot. No modesty. No maturity. Tattoos. Big ugly nerdy loser tattoos.

Did you know that anyone can get a tattoo? They're now meaningless. There's no more, "Hey man, I have a tattoo and you don't." It's more like, "Hey, I've got a tattoo. Oh, I see that you do too. Oh hey, look, they pretty much look the same too." It's pretty bad when even the nerds are getting tattoos.

I saw a photo of one of those bearded hipsters the other day. He was wearing a nice dress shirt and he had his giant neck tattoo creeping out past the collar. You know, he didn't mean for it to be showing...oh hell, yes he did. He thought about that "modesty" every single night for three hours while looking in the mirror before getting the job done. Because that's what these people do. They look in the mirror all day thinking about who they are. That's all that matters to those who get tattoos, apparently.

The whole thing is getting rather pathetic to watch.

There are a few reasons why people should seriously reconsider getting tattoos. And yes, I'm using the plural here because these types rarely stop at one. It's sort of becoming a ridiculous culture for them.

Anyway, let's pretend that you're a hiring sales manager and someone comes in for a job interview. They've got a creeping vine tattoo that's crawling up the side of their neck, all the way to the space behind their ear. Yeah, we probably don't want to hire this individual. Tattoos don't exactly exude professionalism.

How about this - have you ever heard a story about a person who regretted getting a tattoo or two? Um, yeah, I think there are about a billion of those stories, which just goes to show that many folks who have gotten tattoos in the past don't have the best judgement. They should really start trusting their better judgement that they've got bad judgement and leave things alone. Skip the tattoo and focus on something other than your identity for a few hours. Just try.

Those who get tattoos should honestly face the fact that everyone who sees the tattoo is judging them, and not in a good way. There are very few people who actually like someone else's tattoos. Sure, they may be polite, but even other people who have tattoos don't like what's on other people's skin. So those who have them should realize that they're being mocked behind their backs. By everyone.

Has anyone ever heard of skin stretch and bleeding ink? Tattoos don't get better looking through the years, that's for sure. They fade and the lines blur. And as people gain and lose weight, things turn into a hot mess. And age certainly doesn't do a tattoo any favors. So while someone may think it's a great idea to get a tattoo while on vacation one year, they'll likely be regretting their decision the next.

Finally, here's a question for you. Isn't everyone always complaining that they don't earn enough money? They need government health care and they can't pay back their student loans. I've heard this a million times. Well, these very same people can apparently afford the most expensive iPhone as well as a few tattoos. I suppose these things are more important than eating. Boy, I must be old fashioned.

Check this post out. The author did a great job of capturing some of how I feel about this topic:

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